Nora event nsider xiangeqing closeted key in debt

Nora event nsider xiangeqing closeted key in debt

March 9, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

Extended reading: xiangeqing renamed branch cloud network data story can support the share price? Acquisition Nora? Xiangeqing you dare to do something boring? The news to promote the acquisition of Nora xiangeqing Nora has been suspended for the former innocence 260 million yuan can not afford to pay xiangeqing disk access to 23?

"it is clear that Nora is a passive party. Time is too short, temporary find a reliable access to the disk is very difficult. Obviously, xiangeqing not yet determined."

financial weekly trainee Reporter Lin Jie / Shenzhen reported

this is the fastest 15 days, as well as Wang xin.

June 26th, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority to Nora served administrative penalty decision, Nora dissemination of pornographic information through the Internet was revoked value-added telecommunications business license. On the same day, the Shenzhen trade and Industry Bureau Nora infringement of intellectual property punishable by a fine of 260 million yuan.

value-added telecommunications business license is an essential document for commercial sites, which means that the revocation of the Internet business will not be able to carry out nora. Huge fines plus 260 million, Nora seems to be a critical moment of vital importance.

just 7 days left, Nora fate that outcome. Sensitive Nora, involved a public shareholder perplexing gangster of love and hate. 7 years ago, product manager Wang Xin founded nora. It is one of the shareholders of the angel Ma Huateng opponent Zhou Hongyi, one is the founder of the old man, who had been in the presence of Li Qing in the past. They were almost simultaneously fired.

7 years later, Nora almost died in the eldest brother of the hands of the Tencent.

Nora go from here?

at this time, also the plight of the xiangeqing (002306.SZ, now known as cloud branch network) and to the elegant white knight incarnation. Although xiangeqing repeatedly denied the acquisition rumors, but the financial weekly newspaper reporter learned from multiple sources, it has acquired two collogue, xiangeqing is also relevant to our headquarters for the details, "the final contract has been signed, if xiangeqing refused to take it, and that was it."

financial weekly newspaper reporter last week, a series of investigations found that a series of self-help rescue path and manipulation. What you see now is not necessarily the end.

The acquisition of

in xiangeqing collogue, key debtNora

received the punishment decision for second days, the media reported that the transition from food technology listed companies xiangeqing conspiring to acquire Nora, negotiated by the Chinese Academy of sciences.

three days later, xiangeqing announcement said Xiaoxibushi, as of the announcement date, the company itself does not negotiate with Nora over equity acquisitions, there is no third party or by a joint commission of any third party to negotiate with nora.

but this rumor is not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

a Nora insiders told financial weekly newspaper reporter confirmed, "people saw xiangeqing". "Talk about mergers and acquisitions is true, but in what form acquisition uncertainty"

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