Celebrate the webmaster magazine Nanjing meeting was held successfully

Celebrate the webmaster magazine Nanjing meeting was held successfully

March 9, 2017 nfyactcp 0

the event by Comsenz (Comsenz) combined with the laggards, CHINAZ, Admin5 and other sites jointly organized activities around the webmaster about the topic: how to locate the personal website website? How to profit? SNS will give owners bring what opportunities? The Nanjing master Xia Tiantian, Fan Qing, Gu Zhaohua and the well-known master refused to swim fish, Guo Jijun, Wang map (gJj), and the official Dai Zhikang (big C), Li Mingshun and others have been on the above topics wonderful speech and exchange of experience.


activities throughout the atmosphere is very hot, the scene of nearly 170 owners, of which Nanjing is not only a local station, Nanjing Internet company, Nanjing friends in the media, including IDC providers, Nanjing Internet association staff as well as Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Shandong, Anhui, Xiamen and other provinces and cities of the webmaster friends, according to the Nanjing news. Network monitoring personnel have also been attracted to participate in this event! Here, "stationmaster" magazine to express my sincere thanks: Thank you for the support!

the main activities include the master speech, the successful experience of the owners to share, the webmaster show, Adsense magazine ad auction and other parts, which also interspersed with large C lottery and other aspects of the question. The "stationmaster" the first issue in the raffle winning friends (including "stationmaster" magazine staff autograph oh) and Comsenz T-shirts and other gifts, in the Q & A in the webmaster many problems presented to C, fully embodies the characteristics of Nanjing webmaster thinking, active thinking etc..

at the end of the event, "stationmaster" magazine editor Zhang Xiang introduction: in addition to Nanjing, "stationmaster" also to the other city and the webmaster "met", Comsenz and "stationmaster" magazine "focus on the website, to help owners of the mind will continue! And welcome everyone to participate in the 2009" fourth session of the station will".

In this

, we especially want to thank Gu Zhaohua, Li Jinfeng, Chen Jinbing, and Nanjing local volunteers from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Shandong, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places of the webmaster friends, would also like to thank the Yangzi Evening News, Internet world, CHINAZ and other media friends, and friends from Nanjing, the Internet Network Association thank you for your concern and support


wonderful tidbits:

20, 19, at the beginning of the popular hot Nanjing friends in the media scene.

event host: handsome and beautiful. The male host Zhang Xiang (prodigal fly) is not only the "stationmaster" magazine editor in chief of the Comsenz company, or the most handsome! Hostess but a belle of Nanjing webmaster


Founder of the

laggards Forum: fish refused to swim. Fish brother is the first appearance of the event, it was said that fish grow fat:: his speech caused widespread concern of the Webmaster: how to earn personal Adsense

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