LETV piracy lost everything for the user is always right

LETV piracy lost everything for the user is always right

March 9, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0

head: music as COO Liu Hong at last year’s annual meeting of the Chinese copyright speech

first clarified that it would not be an absolutely rational and objective article. We are now standing at the height of the Internet era, standing in the intersection of needs of users and developers of morality, every choice we made, the future will be in short or long to our moral foundation of all Internet users judge.

music as in two weeks ago in the case of millet box pirates broadcast music as a result of a series of cases in favor of the verdict. The details, you can see the "music copyright millet won another victory":

June 30th news, Beijing Haidian court recently as the prosecution millet music piracy case series of cases pronounced "harem" The Legend of Zhen Huan, "33 days" and ten video works made in favor of, in all cases, accounting for 70% of the works by the Haidian court millet box will be jointly and severally liable. This is the case in the case of the first case of piracy in the case of millet millet pirates win.

According to the Haidian court

relevant information, in the case of millet LETV prosecute violations of their right to information broadcast ten works, "The Flowers Of War", "I am special forces", "benevolence", "when her mother met Mom", "help" men, "under the Hawthorn Tree", "lock Jade Palace" 7 film and television works, the court millet company to compensate for the loss of 150 thousand yuan letv.

music as news of widespread intellectual property cases in Chinese network. Also from the media, the same age with millet Internet Co described as "coming from the Internet era wild way, the lack of industry chain thinking", the press industry chain within the law, direct shot plunder in the gray area, so as to achieve success and rapid growth on the surface.

, however, so we never thought that as a company founded in 2004, has been on twenty-first Century second ten years early high-frequency electric shock regular film industry, and gradually scaled network video company visual entertainment content on track, also began allowing its institutions violation of intellectual property infringement, and this publicity as its selling point.

original micro-blog address

we can see that in the music as shown on the screen TV game for monster hunter portable version of 2G.

Monster Hunter Portable 2G for the famous Japanese game company Capcom (Chinese Name: Kapkorn) in the March 27, 2008 issue of the famous game "Monster Hunter" series of new works, first log on PSP platform, was later officially ported to iOS.

, but it is clear that the music as the organization’s Le meter game studio in this micro-blog display screen is neither PSP nor a iOS device. According to common sense, we believe that this should be a music from the music as music TV. < >

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