The website for the record the operators cannot on its own way

The website for the record the operators cannot on its own way

March 9, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

on the 26 day, CCTV news channel, China Unicom mobile phone portal and China Telecom website can not find any signs of the site for the record, and two sites are also carried out to publish information and advertising, sales promotion, mobile value-added services and other business activities. This news really made the author surprised: a number of departments in the national fight against Internet pornography and other illegal information pledge, has a "crime against the wind"

?In order to curb the spread of

cyberporn, various ministries to the Ministry of industry and information technology mainly to thunder trend has introduced a number of intensive remediation programs and measures, which repeatedly referred to the website to strictly record system. In the specific implementation, the ministry requires: in the server room of the site will be set up in advance to the Department opened the record site for the record, not filing or not filing through the website shall be closed to all, operators may not provide access to services, even recently came the so-called "face to face" to record ". In our province, as of the end of 2009, the Sichuan Provincial Communications Authority on the basis of in-depth special rectification, the closure of the site did not record up to 10526.

under the high-pressure situation, and without a record of the popular website? If it was any other unit or enterprise website is just, it does not matter, without registration or the Ministry of the direct management of the two major telecom operators website, which really makes people feel angry.

makes a wish, the two sites have any supernatural powers can not record it? After all, or because of China’s three major telecom operators responsible for the Internet access service for construction and operation of our country, the IDC (Internet data service) need to borrow their bandwidth, exports, especially telecommunications, Unicom both South and north the leading local Internet access, in short, not access by the operator to say. Therefore, in his own land, "my land to listen to me"

?Two operators

this on their own "lenient" approach is not only the "thunder" to those who spent a tremendous effort to prepare to the grassroots, but also to the Ministry of the "embarrassed". As the Internet operation rules makers, executives, in the "strict discipline" but also the "laissez faire" is embodied in disregard of the relevant provisions, or is that they would not be illegal subconscious. In this case, it is very difficult to ask how other sites.

in the letter issued by the Ministry of communications, programs, communications operators is one of the core links, the public access to any site needs to be through the operator’s network. In this rectification action, the parties concerned have made a detailed specification of various details, communications operators should understand: they should first comply with these norms, and secondly to talk about to restrict others.

in the record or not, such details reflect the communication operator is not in the state". Due to the artificial division of "Southern Telecom", "North Netcom"

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