n 2015 ten eye catching merger Ma Ma Huateng became friends relatives

n 2015 ten eye catching merger Ma Ma Huateng became friends relatives

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according to the Qing Branch private data show that from January 2015 to May 31st, the acquisition of up to 794 cases, according to incomplete statistics, the total amount of about $27 billion 800 million, which has strong alliances, but also a friend marriage. In the face of fierce competition in the market, from the opponent to come together to become partners, the combination is the best way to grow their own strength. This article will take a look at the 2015 inventory of the ten eye catching mergers and acquisitions.

a, Ma Yun’s mobile phone dream: Meizu target three in the country, with apple millet world


on the morning of February 9th, Meizu founder Huang Zhang wrote these words on micro-blog ".

from the beginning of last October spread of a raise a Babel of criticism of Ali shares Meizu finally open $590 million: Ali shares Meizu, Haitong fund with $60 million investment. This is the first time Meizu introduced strategic investors, but also the largest amount since the listing of Alibaba investment.

in the three cooperative system, Ali provides low-level services through large data Ali cloud mining, make intelligent platform standard, to create a smart cloud of the underlying system, API (Application Programming Interface) open. Meizu is Ali’s first partner in this regard, Meizu will be Ali’s smart cloud platform and Meizu’s own Flyme system to get through, to provide the most suitable for Ali smartphone platform for mobile phones.

two, the enemy changed laws: Ma + Ma Huateng + fast taxi, taxi drops


Valentine’s day February 14, 2015, drops and quick two high-profile announced together, the two sides after the merger is not the name of "drop", but the use of parallel development, maintain business independence, do not interfere with each other, after the merger of both become the largest domestic name is Che Ping taiwan.

According to

, a taxi drops and quick taxi after a long price war, the two companies after repeated communication and management, and ultimately reached a consensus, decided to merge the two companies strategic.

previously, taxi drops won the 4 round of investment, the total amount of over $800 million, behind the gold master is a Tencent, the payment interface is WeChat payment; fast taxi won the 5 round of investment, the total amount of nearly $800 million, behind the gold master is a Alibaba, the payment interface is alipay.

three, Ali match: everyday sounds, small shrimp music fit


March 15th, the first month after the Spring Festival, Ali decided to small shrimp music and everyday sounds into Ali music. Two products will continue to take the difference between the line and the implementation of commercial operation mode. Small shrimp music continuation of professional music line style, and everyday sounds choose a public user group.


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