For the site lost too much end

For the site lost too much end

March 9, 2017 odsgvvpg 0

      mother has been living alone, until one day I realized that his father died two years, mother bear too much pressure, in March of this year, I asked relatives to find the mother of a 50 year old man, with the rest of his life alone this is how difficult ah! I also began to have a new dad, the important thing is that I went out and came to a new city to work alone.

      maybe some people will say a soft Wen also wrote such feelings, but I want to tell you, my intention is not to advertise any website, I want to show a network of right and wrong with my experience, a network of people sad, a network of people back negative pressure. I understand that a lot of a lot of webmasters have more or less with me or similar experience, I believe they are the most understanding of my group.

      in order to find my girlfriend, I changed myself, I have not desperate for money, not to live in, for the network to the family, to friends, even to myself, I was not in a personal battle to see the world, the world open eyes. In order to pursue my girlfriend, I came to a strange city alone, which is the third city I have ever visited. The first is where I am, and the second is the place where I was held.

      I don’t want to lose everything for the sake of the network, and all this happened, and it seems so simple. If I had chosen to go to college, what should I be now? What will my family be like? I’ll be all alone looking for my girlfriend? My father is going to have a strange car accident? Will I get on well with my classmates in the University, and whether I will play a trick on them or not, and whether they will go after a girl with them?

      maybe there are a lot of people who want to know what I’m doing now, I can simply say a little and let my friends support me. My job is related to the Internet, but at this point, I am very sensible about the internet. Since April to join a network company, responsible for the operation of the brand learning network (, has been unknown to the public, but I think I have a new view of the network, I learned a lot of knowledge learning than before! I can say that is not an individual station, but I was on the Internet of indelible memory!

      has decided to stop, I will always stick behind brothers, the brothers had failed again, I said I’m sorry, I don’t know how to make up for the original wrong path. Only hope that the brothers were able to take a good way!

      finally let the said

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