Special action pornography closed down pornographic website 2172

Special action pornography closed down pornographic website 2172

March 9, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

since February this year, the national anti pornography office to carry out the deployment of "humiao 2016" since the special action, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of education, the national network information office and other departments under the support of all pornography departments to seriously deploy and meticulous organization, specific measures to strengthen the market inspection, investigation and handling of cases, highlighting the purification of online culture environmental remediation and publications around the campus market two aspects, actively implement the "seedling" task. The latest statistics show that the children of illegal publications confiscated 1 million 162 thousand and 200 pieces, clean up pornographic harmful information 813 thousand and 400, closed down 2172 pornographic websites; investigating illegal children’s publishing and network involving more than 400 cases, of which more than 80 criminal cases, is the national pornography office to supervise the handling of the about 6 cases.

national pornography Office official said, "seedling" special operations "specific measures of anti pornography" protect the healthy growth of children, in the deployment, we have always stressed that the "seedling" to carry out good, effective or not, is to test the "anti pornography" department do sth is an important criterion of pragmatic. In order to carry out the special action, in addition to urge all careful program of work, in-depth implementation, the national anti pornography office in early October, with a number of ministries, 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to carry out the work carried out supervision and inspection. Overall, around the "humiao 2016" special action to carry out practical solid and strong social repercussions, generally good, and achieved remarkable results, mainly reflected in four aspects:

is a children’s publications market environment improved significantly. All schools in the school holidays before and after the key period, on the campus and the surrounding cultural market in primary and middle schools to carry out several rounds of market inspection, collection of illegal and harmful to children’s publications banned shutting down a large number of unlicensed publications shop stalls and tour operators to spread, many places around the campus will also copy shop into the pirate behavior of special rectification. Such as the Jiangsu province to carry out unified law enforcement inspection in February 25th, 26, focused on remediation inside and outside campus publication market, check the store and publication printing enterprises more than 1600, confiscated 28 thousand illegal publications, banning undocumented according to 39 stalls. Sichuan Province primary and secondary schools in the spring and autumn and the "61" International Children’s Day organized three check, check around the campus bookstore, stationery and so on more than 2500 games, animation, seized more than 4300 pieces of illegal publications. Anhui province from August 20th to September 20th to organize the fall of textbooks and supplementary reading materials market rectification, confiscate the illegal publication of more than 1.5 copies. The Guangxi autonomous region respectively in March and August, the pornography Office of the joint press and publication, education, culture and law enforcement departments to carry out the school books, examination, inspection has more than and 230 primary and secondary schools. These market activities effectively changed the campus surrounding children’s publications market outlook.

two is a further purification of minors online environment. Most provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) combined with the net net 20>

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