Questioned by the king of music as music how to make the nternet TV

Questioned by the king of music as music how to make the nternet TV

March 9, 2017 lejlgizx 0


text / Tencent technology Li Ruchao

September 19, 2012, the conference, is the beginning of Liang Jun nightmare.

this is the music as the founder Jia Yueting cottage Jobs’s first show. Dressed in a black T-shirt, black casual pants suit, Jia Yueting is on the stage of changing gestures, tried to advocate the music as a super TV will be how to subvert the industry, even without any product, even without any parameters, only a PPT.

that day, as the music as TV trader Liang Jun is not the protagonist. He sat in the audience, silent, until the end of the conference in a hurry back to the company.

second days, music as resumption. Once opened, agencies rush to flee, LETV price from the opening of the way down to 23.50 yuan 22.80 yuan closing time. No one believed the story. The media voice questioned, Google (micro-blog), SONY, Microsoft’s warning that music TV will be lost.

investment people are anxious. This day, they have arrived at the Guanghua Road, TEDA Times Square headquarters from LETV, mixed with a variety of unspeakable odor, shaped like a big internet station uncovered whenever can uncover all music executives — of course, but also responsible for the "business" of Liang Jun.

In the engineering background of the

beam some be scanty of words. But this time, one day up to dozens of interviews that he had no way to escape, even at noon to eat, have to chew half time to appease anxious investors have even begun to temper.

, however, it didn’t work. Nearly 3 months time, the music as the stock price is not only Yin Yang; to September 20th of that year, the music fell to $13.91, almost half of the day of resumption of trading in December 3rd.

everyone thinks that the music is wrong.

but God seems to be making a big joke. Time to November 2016. In November 6th, Jia Yueting publicly admitted after the financial crisis, as a number of its business is questioned; layoff rumors repeatedly, fled the stock price decline, institutions, LETV Empire crumbling again.

had personally LETV An important juncture of life and death, with "PPT" hat music as television, has become the music as the fundamentals of the few bright spots. Jia Yueting also said that the music as to stop the strategic expansion, starting next year, the music, as to form a positive cash flow, the first profitable business will be music as tv.

so, LETV TV turned into a "music mode" paradigm: as the field of Internet TV music as TV leader, nearly 10 million units sold, is not only the music to soothe the outside record, confidence is the starting point of Jia Yueting venturing into the car.

music as the stage of success, whether it is accidental or mode of victory, why the major traditional TV manufacturers and millet and other Internet Co, in the field of Internet TV failed to win?

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