Website recommendation Airtime to help you know the Friends of friends social networking site

Website recommendation Airtime to help you know the Friends of friends social networking site

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I remember two years ago a Chatroulette Chatroulette? Then 18 year old Russian founder Andrey Ternovskiy really Facebook later moved to Silicon Valley, but also to learn the movie Zuckerberg put out several venture capital, but the only difference is that he finally didn’t accept any investment, so when using the amount of Chatroutte decreased significantly later also, he lost everything Leverage.

but want to say today is not Chatroulette, but the Napster two – Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning founder, once again together, founder of the Airtime – a better than the Chatroulette Chatroulette. Like Chatroulette, the Airtime is designed to allow you to chat with strangers. But unlike Chatroulette, it will help you find the right object based on your interests. Also unlike Chatroulette, it is through the Facebook login, so you can find "Friends of friends" chat, increase the opportunity to hit it off (you remember, Sean Parker is the year to pull Zuckerberg to the Silicon Valley Facebook the general manager).

I’ve always felt that "a friend of a friend" is the most important part of a friend. I like to ask people who get married, how to know the other half, and almost half of the answers are "Friends of friends". This road is actually very easy to understand, Like attracts like., friends of friends are most likely to be interested in, similar values. Friends of friends are also the most easy to mix, because a common friend can be a topic when the light bulb.

but it didn’t work on the Internet, because I don’t know who you are, not to mention your friend. But with Facebook’s Open Graph, everything changed on the spot. Under the authorization of the user, the site can know who he is, who is a friend, who is a friend of a friend. Therefore, Sean & Shawn will choose to use this angle to solve the problem of unfamiliar dating, I think it is a very clever attempt.

and they will go to "steal" Chatroulette this has reached a certain degree of "Product-MarketFit", but there is no lasting mode, it is interesting. In fact, Facebook, also stole the beginning is very popular, but was later the site speed down >

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