General Administration of industry and Commerce exposure nine kinds of typical network commodity tra

General Administration of industry and Commerce exposure nine kinds of typical network commodity tra

March 9, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

[introduction] the nine kinds of illegal acts of infringement of intellectual property rights, including Pong brand, sales of counterfeit goods and false propaganda.

network in order to enhance consumer consumption discrimination, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the 9 violations of intellectual property rights, Pong brand, sales of counterfeit goods, false propaganda, malicious slander competitors business reputation and product reputation, use King terms against the legitimate interests of consumers and other nine kinds of typical online commodity trading violations and related cases.

these nine types of online commodity trading violations are:

– sales of goods infringing the exclusive right to use a registered trademark. January 2013, Zhang, Fujian, Zhangzhou, in the Longwen District, a community of employees through its online shop in Taobao, so flagship store in the clothing business. The purchase of "Dai Xinqi" and "daili’an" goods from manufacturers, in part through the shop to increase sales, the other part of the original goods allow employees to "Diane Xinqi" and "daili’an" logo replaced "blue eurolee" trademark logo through the shop to increase sales. The act of changing the registered trademark by the parties without the consent of the trademark registrant.

: a violation of the relevant provisions of the registration and management of enterprise, forgery or fraudulent use of the name of the company. In December 2011, Shanghai city Pudong District Moumou in Cambridge Zhen Chuan Zhou Road No. 3158 rental housing, will be purchased from Shaoxing certain medicine company limited. Skim gauze is processed into different specifications of the cutting volume, with a ruler, pins, ribbon and other accessories, put into the box when it commissioned printing well, "made of gauze bandage Meijia" products, and the use of "maternal and child supplies Co. Ltd. Meijia gauze bandage" enterprises in the product packaging. The use of Chinese wolfberry doll Taobao account, Taobao show. Upon inquiry, the name of the enterprise without the approval of the business sector registration, the parties themselves.

– use the name, packaging and decoration similar to the well-known goods, resulting in confusion with other well-known goods, misleading consumers. In June 2010, Jiangsu Changzhou River in a Taobao online shop selling clothing, through direct purchase from the clothing market, or directly in the custom processing plant, and district 23, suite, ICB, and other well-known brands of clothing free zone the same style of clothing, and then in the site of the goods that use 23QU, group QU, IC*, etc. * free text, these well-known brand relationship confusion clothing and clothing, so that consumers will mistakenly believe that the above is the clothing brand, but in fact the parties by courier to consumers is no brand clothing.

– the use of web publishing and the real situation does not match the enterprise or commodity information. January 2012, Shanghai, a certain Medical Devices Co., Ltd. to increase the influence of the enterprise, increase the sales of the product, in its own web site on the release of the company’s agent sales of medical equipment information. After verification, the parties to the outside of the medical device product advertising language, and food >

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