Daily topic Ali 28 billion 300 million hand Suning will write what kind of story

Daily topic Ali 28 billion 300 million hand Suning will write what kind of story

March 9, 2017 uttpdooa 0

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 11th news, yesterday (August 10th) Alibaba reached a strategic cooperation with Su Ningyun. According to the agreement, the Alibaba will invest about   283  non public offering in Su ningyun billion yuan, accounting for the total issued share capital of   19.99%, becoming the second largest shareholder of Su ningyun. At the same time, Suning will be   140  billion yuan subscription does not exceed   2780  million shares of the newly issued shares of Alibaba.

28 billion 300 million yuan, is the largest amount of investment in the history of Alibaba case. Even deduct from the Soviet Union for the acquisition of Ali shares of   140  billion, will also be higher than Ali’s previous acquisition of High German pay   16.84  $100 million. According to Ma and Zhang Jindong said, this "embraced" speed is faster: both teams in little more than two months time to complete all the negotiations; both before and after founder only seen on both sides, but are very trust each other, is not too much to interfere in team decision making.

China’s retail industry under the impact of the Internet wave, a major pattern change. Alibaba, Jingdong mall hurricane Mengjin, Tencent, Baidu, and the vertical sharpening their electricity supplier, to snatch away too much attention, so that the United States Suning few blocks Shuaixia seems to be marginalized. Industry analysts believe that suning.com, compared to other electricity providers, force later, and influenced by the overall market Suning the action a little slow. "Su Ning needs is a giant, can stimulate their own chemical reaction of the giant." Analysts say so.

The introduction of strategic investment Ali

, Su ningyun undoubtedly brings its own dream flow entrance. Suning.com official flagship store opened in Tmall, and as a springboard, Su ningyun can access Ali’s ecological system. Generally speaking, the past may Su ningyun and micro-blog, Alipay, UC and Gao De cooperation cannot reach the same camp, the future can cooperate more closely.

Su ningyun strategic investment, Alibaba can get richer data. This is a comprehensive integration of the two sides to do security. According to the announcement, fully open more than 1 thousand and 600 stores nationwide Su ningyun and Alibaba system. It is clear that Suning logistics network will become a partner in the future, the logistics of cooperation covering almost all the 2800 districts and counties of the country, Alibaba and Suning services, the future is also expected to open to the third parties.

online and offline integration has become a trend, the future of the entire business not because of market competition is divided into the old and the new, but would you have me, I have you, no business without electricity, no electricity providers. For Alibaba and Su ningyun cooperation, Internet analyst Fang Xingdong also remain cautious, party.

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