Taobao mysterious organization millions of public opinion to resolve the 30 million transaction disp

Taobao mysterious organization millions of public opinion to resolve the 30 million transaction disp

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July 20th, Taobao officially announced the one and only "public review" first report card: on-line since December 2012, take the initiative to apply to join the public assessment team Taobao hand chop Party A total of more than one million people, a total review of these supernumerary rights determine more than 30 million adults, the effective protection of the legitimate millions of businesses hundreds of millions of consumers rights and interests.


mysterious "public reviewer"

members of the public in the evaluation of the Taobao, 80 undoubtedly occupy the main position, reaching nearly 75% of the proportion. Also interesting is that judges the age range is very wide, the oldest is a 74 year old from Guangdong friends, called "senior hand chop party; and the youngest is only 16 years old.

data show that men are more willing to be a member of Taobao public review, this Taobao and traditional impression to female hand chop party ". The impression is not entirely consistent, in the jury team in the male to female ratio was 1.5:1. In addition, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces of the most enthusiastic users of Taobao, the largest proportion of provincial judges accounted for the public.

reporter was informed that, in the outside world seems very mysterious public assessors have a certain threshold. Whether you are a consumer or sellers, the registration time in Taobao for a full year, Alipay through real name authentication, and has a good credit record, can become one of the judges. In the future, the platform also hopes to access sesame credit as a public evaluation of the access evaluation system. Data show that currently available public review qualification of Taobao hand chop party has been close to one million people, more than 5000 reviewers participate in online decision every day.

Amoy rights can promote the transaction rules to optimize

at present, the public review mechanism to determine the Center ( is in the form of open to the public participate in the review tasks mainly focused on the business because of the commodity violations are punished, buyers in the transaction process encountered problems such as return refund.

in addition, the public judges also has promote the trade dispute rules optimization of "power": when a rule has been confirmed in practice is not applicable to the determination of disputes, the public judges have the right to ask questions to improve the optimization platform, promote the rule. In addition, Taobao will be based on the analysis of the case of the public summary of the review, the existing rules of the platform to do the active verification and improvement of the rules. Up to now, the reviewers have helped Taobao calibration and correction of nearly 150 trading rules.

is reported that the public review mechanism has also launched a special public welfare program, the jury is expected to be the future of public welfare ambassador title. In addition to participating in the judgment, the judges can help the community with the help of the public welfare fund. As of June this year, the cumulative contribution of public welfare by the public judges determine the amount of 720 thousand yuan. Using these funds, Taobao is nearly 15 thousand

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