The grand literary piracy leisurely by close work involved more than 5000

The grand literary piracy leisurely by close work involved more than 5000

March 9, 2017 lejlgizx 0


webmaster Admin5 news: July 7th afternoon news, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang said today in Sina microblogging, in the grand literary legal efforts, serious piracy website "by long" has been closed according to law, the main suspects have been arrested in full; the website piracy cloud Bookstore works of more than 5000 of the cases; is in the investigation of the public security area and fixed evidence stage, follow the progress of work will be submitted in a timely manner.

Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang had previously said that since the beginning of the birth of the network literature, there is the issue of piracy. Piracy on the network literature industry erosion, the Internet literary creators naked steal the results of the behavior, not only illegal, but also for the entire network literature industry means a heavy blow. Shanda literature as a leader in the domestic network literature has been plagued by network piracy. But the network literature writer also suffers the copyright infringement because of the pirate question many times in the network protest. Prior to the grand literature had cracked 520 novel works of copyright infringement case. The site without the permission of the right holder to provide a large number of works of text and seek illegal interests, involving more than 500 yuan. The starting point Chinese website Shanda literature in April 2nd published a paper entitled "starting point to combat piracy: the novel 520 will not be the case!" the announcement, said it would increase efforts to combat piracy network literature. Last month, the grand literature again cracked Chinese Wansong network infringement, the person in charge was sentenced to 3 years.

long by the off show grand literature to further increase efforts to combat piracy. At present, there are many through the Internet literature online viewing and e-book download for the content of the operation of the website exists, due to the alleged infringement of business content piracy, the future prospects of such sites worrying.

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