From the end of all the company’s nsider civil strife within one month of the 4 executives leave

From the end of all the company’s nsider civil strife within one month of the 4 executives leave

March 9, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0

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Sina Technology Zhang Nan Tracy

is a fantastic mail, opened Renren (3.32, -0.01, -0.30%) in a corner of the iceberg executive civil strife.

vice president suddenly announced his resignation and accused the boss is very negative, which is extremely rare in the Chinese Internet industry scene, staged last week in everyone.

Vice president in charge of all the company’s strategic development affairs

Du Yue said in an internal e-mail, "spent 3 years as a vice president at all, although there are many opportunities for you to say, although I do not want to say, but I have to say you either as a leader or a man is" very negative ". I want to leave immediately."

insiders, Du Yue this message was sent to everyone not only chairman Chen Yizhou, also copied to all officers, directors, investors and partners lap celebrities.

This email

Du Yue caused an uproar in everyone inside and outside the company. Is out of Chen Yizhou and COO Liu Jian to immediately end the work at hand off the plane back to Beijing, Liu Jian immediately sent a letter to appease employees, Chen Yizhou in second days to all the staff to explain what happened.

"this is one of the most unexpected emails I’ve ever received." Chen Yizhou said, the company recently invested in a technology start-up companies, Du Yue in the process of due diligence on the company, was deeply attracted by the technology and the prospects of the company, very insisted on going to the position as CEO of this company. However, he believes Du Yue is not the best candidate for CEO, so the event occurred.

Rome, Du Yue said in connection with Sina Technology, leaving reasons involving trade secrets do not want to say, but something more than that simple.

Yang Muhan: I

internal conflicts Yuansi


on the 2 day before the incident, Chen Yizhou also with the company’s other executives in conflict with Yang Muhan. Chen Yizhou Yang Muhan’s face "everyone in the message, called the" family is full of products and all the company’s competition, brought his team is the individual soldiers, to your personal allegiance, not to say a company loyalty, than the sound of singing. Do you need to be so tired? "

Yang Muhan is everyone is responsible for campus channels, at the same time, there is another identity – pops network founder, former Yahoo executive Xu Zhaojun’s wife. This month, the company released a Xu Zhaojun anonymous social software "crow", at the same time, everyone has a similar function of the software "beep" released. Chen Yizhou accidentally saw a post, saying that everyone in the state of the Campus Ambassador to promote the status of the raven, which led to his dissatisfaction.

Yang Muhan explained that the Campus Ambassador just made a screenshot of the software

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