Dunhuang nets stamp infringement five offenders account closed ills

Dunhuang nets stamp infringement five offenders account closed ills

March 9, 2017 tbdwgekl 0


] October 28th news billion state power network, the infringement issue has been the cross-border electricity supplier industry ills, although always criticized by the industry, but on the platform, governance is not easy. The day before, cross-border business platform of Dunhuang network announced that the recently discovered part of the seller account the existence of serious violations, illegal behavior, it will impose a heavier punishment.

learned billion state power network, Dunhuang network identified serious violations include repeated upload or reported products infringement, the product attributes implies the sale of infringing products, the escape platform audit sales of infringing products and single infringement number is more than 30, the product line of brand words and words on the deformation and brand trademark or painting incomplete display, containing brand products illegal to add picture links etc..

serious violations include repeated upload or report illegal products, product category, product and random access category attribute is large (such as the coat and put it in my pants), the number of single illegal products is too large or too high in proportion, the product picture name and description does not match, the replacement product, repeatedly issued or reported the same type of lock products etc..

it is understood that on the infringement, violations, Dunhuang network will take a time penalty policy, the implementation of product freeze plus a yellow card warning punishment for the first time violators, second violations will be frozen and frozen products period of 7 days of punishment, third times, fourth violations will freeze period extended to 30 days and the 90 day, and fifth time offenders will be closed account.

on the punishment, Dunhuang net said the product cannot be modified, not by search, cannot be accessed has been frozen, can not be sold, meanwhile, have frozen products in the appeal period, from the product library has been deleted. But the cumulative penalty period of 3 months, the record will not be superimposed after 3 months.

, an industry source pointed out that although the Dunhuang nets, and other cross-border electronic business platform aliexpress repeatedly broke the fight against infringement and rectification of the order of the industry news, but it is difficult to fundamentally solve the problem, only "poke, step". "In most cases is" shajijinghou ", uncovered several representative" unlucky ". Moreover, compared to eBay, Amazon such international electricity supplier, its efforts to combat infringement is still weak, the punishment is relatively easy."

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