Fresh electricity supplier is still too early to talk about life and death

Fresh electricity supplier is still too early to talk about life and death

March 9, 2017 lejlgizx 0

people always worship Silicon Valley, but Silicon Valley "we not to make money", "we tolerate mistakes" superior and eliminating the inferior two principles didn’t inherit, on the contrary, the business failure / wrong attitude is very bad, once the industry "and the decline by Sheng", "XXX", "" XXX has no future "hot eyes words will certainly be uttered.

one of the 2016 fresh electricity described as "ice two days", the industry is expanding, the other side is the fresh start-up company failures. Baidu index shows that fresh electricity supplier, the word was included in the Baidu index time is March 4, 2015, so far less than two years, such a short period of time, how can we say that an industry can not do it?


in fact, Jingdong, Alibaba and other giants is also nearly two years before they began to vigorously promote fresh electricity supplier. Last year, 11, double the period, fresh Jingdong have a very large growth, the double period of, Jingdong fresh only with 9 hours, sales of more than double in 2015 on the day of the day, all day sales grew by nearly 16 times the same period in. In addition, Jingdong launched in 2016, the world’s fresh throughout the event, from the world’s fresh selection of origin, with the world’s more fresh business cooperation, but also opened a new era of fresh electricity supplier globalization.

so, the industry believes that the fresh electricity supplier is not the point of view, I think it is more radical.

globalization brings the flow of goods, fresh products also benefit from

"the world is flat". The author hopes the situation does not appear, culture, country and other factors that "the world is flat" is becoming more and more difficult, but the trend of globalization is inevitable, the flow of goods by globalization is more obvious, the category is also increasing.

Ministry of Commerce predicted that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity supplier import and export trade volume will reach 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of more than 30%. The popularity of cross-border electricity supplier to fully explain the globalization of commodity flow needs, and in these flows of goods inside, fresh products are also profitable.

Jingdong big data platform in twenty-first Century Joint Economic Research Institute released the "eat out of the Chinese years – fresh electricity consumption trends report" shows special purchases for the Spring Festival, during the Spring Festival, imports of fresh hot Chinese, 31 provinces and autonomous regions. Among them, the most popular "foreign goods" fresh items including Alaska’s sturgeon, Chile cherries, South American white shrimp, Uruguay imports of Ecuador sea, Thailand coconut products such as sirloin.


for users from around the world, all kinds of fresh goods is a kind of demand, this demand is originally in the hidden state, but the major electricity supplier platform through different operation modes, will stimulate the demand. Electricity supplier has become part of people’s way of life, since it is a way of life, of course, the user

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