Talk about the Google PR update from the rise of portal

Talk about the Google PR update from the rise of portal

March 9, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

, Google updated the latest PR data, many websites of PR have been improved, which I found "portal" website in just three months the PR value has skyrocketed from 0 to 6, this increase is very difficult, especially the new station before an unknown to the public and refused to burn, and over the same period PR is only 7, which is how to expand PR secret?

can see the portal through the vertical distance from the owners of the portal is getting closer. Have to explain the portal through the strength of the site, had to admire the strength of their website operations. In fact, in this three months not only found their PR value rise, flow and popularity is soaring. May say these people feel too exaggerated, not quite convinced. But I would like to say that some of the things that have become a reality we have to face, have to be low-key to some of them leaning to learn to improve their own.

in the observation portal through this period of time, I found that the portal through his rapid growth process is also inseparable from the efforts of every user and support. Can be said to be a support and care in the growth of netizens. The same portal to give users the opportunity to realize the dream of a show stage. I have personally dressed vest experience their active atmosphere, I think that every one of the netizens came here to find a group of like-minded users can communicate, can timely solve puzzles each of them a problem, a number of netizens of the essence of the original (reprint from the portal through the webmaster forum:, a all interactive activities to attract users to the eye enough! In the PR value of the increase shows that because there are warmly on weekdays every interactive users will make "portal" today has a remarkable achievement.

In this "

portal" website PR value after the upgrade, I also summarize the experience and share some of you:

today on my ideas on improve the PR value, do stop users know what is the PR value, simply say PRPR, it is Google ranking algorithm (ranking formula) part, used to identify the page level / importance. Level from 1 to level 10, level 10 out. But at present the domestic PR 10 sites rarely seen in the higher the PR value that the web page more popular (more important).

GooglePR algorithm

Google on the website of the PR value of the algorithm: PR (A) = (1-D) + D (PR (T1) + /C (T1)… PR (TN) /C (TN). PR (A) to calculate the Pr value of the A page, D for the damping coefficient, generally 0.85, PR (T1)… PR (TN) are each link to your website PR value, C (T1)… C (TN) are linked to each other to the number of links to your site, which can be seen when the other party to do links to you, not the other site >

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