Yu Yongfu new partner UC High German Ali effect speed

Yu Yongfu new partner UC High German Ali effect speed

March 9, 2017 mmvxljhp 0


recently, the Alibaba group announced four new partners, namely Ali mobile business group president and CEO Yu Yongfu Ali mother, Alibaba group deputy general manager Zheng Junfang CFO, ant group finance and payment service customer funds and Alibaba Zhao Ying rural Taobao general manager Sun Lijun. Yu Yongfu is the most special, because the path is different from the other three new partners, he is the only one of the original Ali partner".

Yu Yongfu joined Ali for more than a year, the current president of the mobile business group Ali, Ali mother president, in charge of Ali’s big data marketing and mobile Internet based services two business segments. Among them, the leading UC and High German most concern, UC merged with Alibaba, with a $4 billion valuation Chinese created at that time in the history of the Internet’s largest mergers and acquisitions, while in High German success after delisting also began into Ali mobile business group, the integration of nearly 7 thousand people to become a big problem with this for more than a year of Yu Yongfu.

but let us by surprise, these are not bother Yu Yongfu. In the past more than a year, Yu Yongfu led the team successfully completed the integration of UC and two high German business, and was entrusted with the task of command of the Ali group with half revenue Ali Mama, now it is promoted as one of Ali’s 34 partners.

indeed, in such a special environment, UC, High German can also grow two times in the Ali system, which will have some logic, and today we will analyze the one or two.

a, UC, Gao de break the acquisition dead curse

recently, Ma Yun in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, there is such a dialogue:

when a reporter asked, over the past 3 years, Ali to highlight the impression that the outside world is to buy buy buy, but to complete the investment after the merger, the team and the business integration is a major problem placed in front of the Ali – even for the acquisition of Ali enterprise development present situation, appearing outside mouthing the sound, because Ali is too strong. Is it? In this regard, Ma Yong two asked to refute, "UC development momentum is good? High moral map did not exceed Baidu, now more than

is not good?"

yes, here revealed two information: 1) Ma Yun does not think Ali for the acquisition of the integration of the enterprise is not successful; 2) of UC and after the acquisition of High German development momentum is satisfied.

so, why UC and High German integration will make Ma so successful


here, you need to add that, after the acquisition of UC and High German Ali, the two companies were added to the nearest 7000. In the face of such a large scale integration at the outside of the team, in a statement, the pessimists biggest worry is: UC and Gould can escape the "acquisition of death"? China after all the history of the Internet merger integration of few successful cases — such as the Tencent in the acquisition of Yi Xun, Baidu acquisition of 91 of these cases, the outcome.

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