Domain new series gradually popular network Gao and Jie

Domain new series gradually popular network Gao and Jie

March 9, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

Chinese Pinyin cultural origins long Chinese characters, combination of fold changes, the same spelling, word combination Chinese characters diversification, such as high street network acquisition and enable the "high street" double spell domain name, Gaojie is not only high street Pinyin, but also Gao Jie, Gao Jie, and other Chinese high sister characters, recently become the domain name popular concern, a "Gao" and "Jie" two series thermal domain.

high Gao series under the domain name


The American

giant Groupon China group purchase station – the domain name earlier in the industry with its acquisition of the domain name is raise a Babel of criticism of, and anecdotal domain trading price of 980 thousand yuan, Larry Gaopeng is Groupon ", in addition, two words or take the word to friends" full house idioms, domain name is well-known in domain name registration in July 2001, has been 10 years of history have been registered, the registered


recently hot is Cai Wensheng hand high street Larry domain, the domain name Chinese characters of portfolio diversification, domain name registration in April 2002, the prefix Gaojie seems to be very promising, the current high street fashion network holds and domain name, "gaojie100" series of domain names were registered in June.


"Gao" series of domain names are also involved in the field in the game, such as online typing platform is "master master Larry domain, domain name registration in 2003, master of course is of high value, the master Gaoshou mainstream suffix.Cn/ has been registered for the domain name, many lovers holding.


culture and education industry can also see the "Gao" figure, such as my group’s entrance education website, climax culture company official domain name, the "Gao" domain application is very strong, can also be seen in other lines, Suzhou Gaofeng technology company, Zhenjiang gankwuan Medical Devices Co.,, foreign network video network, high, foreign websites gaoden> auction platform

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