Spokesman of the State Council nformation Office on the nternet

Spokesman of the State Council nformation Office on the nternet

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Xinhua news agency office in Beijing in January 24, the State Council spokesman 24 on the situation of the development and management of the Internet China told Xinhua News Agency reporters interview, stressed that China Internet development has made remarkable achievements, Chinese Internet policy environment is good, China Internet development and management policies in accordance with national and international practices China.

reporter: please tell us about the overall situation of China’s Internet development.

State Council Information Office spokesman: the Internet is a major scientific and technological invention in twentieth Century. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the construction and development of the Internet, and has consistently adhered to the basic principles of active use, scientific development, and administration according to law and ensuring safety. The Internet has entered China for 15 years, has maintained a good momentum of rapid development, as of the end of last year, China’s Internet users reached 384 million, the site reached 3 million 680 thousand, Internet penetration has exceeded the world average. The rapid development of Internet in China has played an important role in the country’s economic construction, political construction, cultural construction and social construction. Practice has proved that China’s government established the development of the Internet and the management of the policy is completely correct.

reporter: how do you evaluate the level of development and development of China’s Internet environment

State Council Information Office spokesman: China’s Internet market is open, fair and orderly. From the emergence of early development of the Internet China Sina, Sohu, NetEase and a number of portals, in recent years, the growth of a number of Tencent, such as Alibaba such as Baidu, known to the new application of website development and some foreign Internet Co have been involved in China Internet market, which indicates that the development of the Internet, China environment is good in accordance with the law, Internet companies in the Chinese operation and development of attention and protection.

reporter: what is the role of the Internet in promoting people’s communication,


State Council Information Office spokesman: the development of China’s Internet is very active, online communication is also very active, which is a major feature of China’s Internet development. China has millions of forums, more than 200 million blogs, Internet users daily blog posts published more than 4 million articles, all kinds of forums every day new posts are difficult to count. Such a huge number of forums, blogs and posts, in the world is unimaginable. Chinese Internet users can fully express their opinions within the scope permitted by law. Chinese state leaders and government officials at all levels attach great importance to the expression of public opinions on the Internet, pay attention to use of the Internet to protect the people’s right to know, right of expression, participation and oversight powers of the active role. Government departments at all levels in the formulation of public policy process, focusing on the Internet to solicit public opinion. Some departments of the party and government also set up a website to receive public reports.

reporter: can you tell us about China’s basic policy on Internet governance, for some people in the world accused China of restricting the freedom of the network, what is the opinion?

State Council Information Office spokesman: the Chinese government always adhere to the

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