t’s been a year Nora does not declare bankruptcy and not pay a fine what to do

t’s been a year Nora does not declare bankruptcy and not pay a fine what to do

March 9, 2017 lejlgizx 0

Abstract: why City Supervision Bureau has not let Nora? Because at least from the current news information, although Nora value-added telecommunications business license has been revoked, boss Wang Xin has also been the pursuit of justice, but interestingly, did not see the Nora company declared bankruptcy news, but also re registered several companies for employees. At least from this point of view, our conscience still.

fast broadcast in the media on the dazzling location should be at this time last year.? in the checked first anniversary, it said……

no · money · · penalty · section.

2014 is destined to be concerned about the body of happiness under Indoorsman Nora experienced a year of drama.

April 12, 2014, statement closed QVOD server, transformation of homemade content Nora still did not escape the checked fate, then the police said, the reason is the Nora checked involving pornography, piracy and other illegal acts of infringement. In May 15th, the national anti pornography office news, Shenzhen Nora dissemination of pornographic information technology companies have been punished for their alleged acts constitute a crime, the public security departments have been on file for investigation and detention several suspects. According to regulations, the revocation of its value-added telecommunications business license. After two months, that is, in June, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and administration official to Nora served on the administrative penalty decision, punishable by a fine of 260 million, effective immediately. Written decision shows Nora company without the permission of the rights, through its operating Nora player software to the public dissemination of the "Beijing love story" 24 film and television dramas – it is intriguing: being investigated because the spread of pornographic information, and be fined because of pirated video.

received the "book" administrative penalty decision, Nora to Guangdong provincial Copyright Bureau filed an administrative reconsideration, but was rejected, then broadcast to Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s Court of administrative litigation, administrative punishment decision requested the court to revoke the defendant made in June 26, 2014, and the case litigation costs borne by the defendant. Even if there are Indoorsman eager voice, it seems that Nora still pain grandmother uncle does not love.

do you think it’s over?.

the next stage is: xiangeqing. What the hell is this?…… Then came to the acquisition of Nora xiangeqing), then the media speculated that this may be borne by a fine of 260 million yuan in section cloud network this strange suckers, all Tucao voice ring in one’s ears, "August, fled abroad 110 days" Nora founder Wang Xin was arrested, "the dissemination of pornographic information" what is not important, so until 2015, a veteran of a small employee severance payment is not forthcoming, a fine of 260 million yuan and how do ah what the melody……


Nora request to postpone payment, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of supervision agreed Nora application will be extended to pay time to December 25, 2014. After expiration

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