Daily topics Sohu acquired 56 Network Video to shake the pattern of the price of a mystery

Daily topics Sohu acquired 56 Network Video to shake the pattern of the price of a mystery

March 9, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 3rd news, Sohu recently released internal e-mail has shown consistent with everyone reached its 56 Sohu incorporated into the video, became part of the Sohu video sharing services, the next period of time, the management team will start working together, the integration of resources.

for the acquisition of Sohu 56 news, insiders said, after Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang repeatedly said that the Sohu will be homemade video focus in recent years, investment field, Sohu video layout after the drama category is made. The industry said that while the acquisition of Sohu 56 Network, perhaps there are considerations in this regard.

data show that the 56 Network was founded in 2005, since its inception has been to adhere to the positioning of video sharing, copyright video competition in the white hot stage still adhere to the UGC and PGC strategy. 56 Network since its inception has access to Sequoia Capital, Heiner Asia, Disney’s steamboat ventures investment. October 2011, all the company to $56 acquisition of a wholly-owned network of 80 million, but after the acquisition of Renren, the development of the network did not make a significant breakthrough in the 56.

Sohu insiders, video Sohu most valued 56 net place in its UGC (user generated content), because this part of the contents of Chinese video website although not mainstream, but the user stickiness, like Iqiyi Baidu search traffic, Tencent QQ video with the flow, so the task of video Sohu 56 high flow guide network.

for Sohu to merge the 56 Network industry insiders pointed out that this will not have much impact on the video industry, it is difficult to change the pattern of the video industry; but this does not mean that the video industry in smooth water, according to the 721 law (the first Internet industry accounted for 70% of the market share of second, accounting for 20%, the remaining 10%). The future of video industry mergers and acquisitions will also increase, and with the acquisition of the frequent occurrence of enterprise dual brand operation will also become a common phenomenon.

it is worth mentioning that, compared to 56 under the net to marry Renren compared to this hot yam valuation is different from the past. 4 years ago everyone here but spent a total of 500 million yuan to buy this video site. This time the acquisition of Sohu from the hands of everyone, 56 of the net price of $12 million 900 thousand (about 79 million yuan), before valuation has shrunk to 1/6.

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