CCTV 3 & 15 party exposure WeChat fraud difficult to eradicate rooted in the two way closure

CCTV 3 & 15 party exposure WeChat fraud difficult to eradicate rooted in the two way closure

March 9, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

last weekend, just the end of the 15 party CCTV 3· the reduction of the three kinds of fraud by sketch: first for ordinary telephone fraud; the second is a liar to obtain personal information after the implementation of telephone fraud; third is fraud by WeChat circle of friends. The essay demonstrates that, people now on the first two tricks have a strong psychological preparedness, it is difficult to play tricks. But based on the social network of WeChat circle of friends fraud, more confusing.

party cited the case of WeChat fraud is true before the occurrence of: fraud in the circle of friends in WeChat initiated the adoption of stray dogs activities, after obtaining the trust, and then use the sympathy to pay for each other.

WeChat has been in recent years to combat the growing popularity of WeChat circle of friends marketing, for this reason, has just blocked a large number of public accounts. Also a lot of more than ten thousand friends account for the ban and control. But even so, still can not solve the problem of circle of friends marketing. I think this is the essence of WeChat and the two-way nature of the decision.

WeChat is a closed two-way communication social platform, there are several features, communication is the basic function. This is like the United States Whatsapp, solve the problem of synchronous communication between people. Circle of friends a bit like Instagram+Facebook, is an asynchronous social network, and public accounts similar to micro-blog and Twitter. WeChat is the foundation of communication, because communication is irreplaceable, so the circle of friends and the public number is on the way to fire up.

but this architecture has a problem, WeChat at the beginning is the mail list and QQ based on user (mobile phone mail list is absolute, and acquaintances) gradually evolved into a stranger for the first time understanding began to consider WeChat exchange, exchange of mobile phone. Plus all kinds of groups are very easy to pull the strangers together, which caused the WeChat has been far away from the circle of acquaintances, but also for all types of marketing and fraud brought about by the growth of the soil. Although WeChat also provides circle of friends shielding function, but the operation is still a little trouble.

WeChat WhatsApp, instagram, Facebook, twitter into one of the four models have a drawback is to ignore the social attributes of people in different scenarios. For example:


you have a friend or colleague, as to discuss work or where to eat, WeChat’s instant communication attribute is essential; but the acquaintance may also in the circle of friends to sell the package to make money. Based on the trust of the friend, might be to buy a fake bag; or as 3· 15 party to play so as to collect the money, except for a few stray dogs; one is known to sell fake fake, there are a lot of cases is misguided. For example, a friend may be good in forwarding of stray dogs in the circle of friends, but because it is a friend, you also believe that without thinking. Such an embarrassment is decided by the bi directional nature of WeChat. In other words, one needs to keep talking and communicating

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