Personal website to increase the effective way of the chain blog promotion and BBS promotion

Personal website to increase the effective way of the chain blog promotion and BBS promotion

March 8, 2017 bksuroys 0

personal website to increase the effective method of the chain: blog promotion and promotion of forum, my website is just made in September this year, up to now, the flow outside the chain, profits increased, except PR (if not updated)! Each site began to start, consider these things, how to increase the flow, how to increase the chain, how to improve the PR, how to make profits, these things owners concerned, also must be considered in


today, I will share with you and I use the forum and blog to increase the chain method, and others may be a bit different, but, these things I personally done and more effective!

forum to promote

before watching a lot of webmaster said, stay outside the chain in the forum, the best to find those PR, the flow is relatively high BBS, traffic is small, the popularity is not high even, at first, I also believe. Then I found out that in some small flow, the chain is not high visibility of the site leaves, not only Baidu Google has included, and can also bring some IP to yourself, and you will take the initiative to contact the webmaster, exchange links with you. I analyzed the reasons: small forum, it is because of fewer people, so each post, administrators and members of which have time to read your post, while Baidu Google crawler for small forum, sometimes more care, occasionally to see.

blog promotion

blog group, is a more respected advocate of an effective way to increase the chain. Although it may take a little more time, but it can bring you a good conversion rate. The new blog link comes up with a blog, this blog link before another, and then circle into a circle, pointing to your site. Need to be reminded that one can not be published today, tomorrow, published ten, and then a few weeks are not, so you ignore it, it may not matter to you, so that your efforts will be wasted. Theblog feeding, the choice is more important! Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Baidu space, Tianya, 19 floor, Alibaba, blog, news, blog bus, which I think you cannot miss.

any one thing, you do what others do may not be the same, why?. It has been said: first-class ideas, the implementation of the three flow, can only be a small company. Three flow of ideas, first-class execution, it may be a big business. This words to share with you


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