Content marketing no content Have you tried these 10 methods

Content marketing no content Have you tried these 10 methods

March 8, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

today’s network is full of all kinds of information and content. Blogs, news, information, advertising, etc.. According to the data collected by the MBAOnline show that the daily updated content actually increased. Therefore, this article will be a key aspect of content marketing for you to understand the key marketing.

according to data collected by MBAOnline:

* 2 million blog update

* a total of 864000 hours of video is placed in the gifted rabbit

*2 50 million photos on Facebook update

so, although we know that content is the central link of marketing, but how to create better content, but it has become a barrier for most people.

everyone has a poor time, try the following 10 methods, let your content rich


1 uses the online content theme generator

this is the easiest way to use the online content theme generator to generate your new entry.

In fact,

now has a lot of such theme generator, you can use the Google can be directly to search (China with Baidu – small series). Make a list of all the keywords in your web site, as well as synonyms and similar nouns. Theme builder will automatically generate a variety of words for you, and then the next year or more you do not worry.

2 using keywords to form the title

if you don’t have a list of keywords, start doing it right away.

this keyword list must contain a variety of long tail keywords from the root keywords. For example, we can use "cheap short sleeves" as the root of keywords. You can refer to the following guidelines:

What is

: online cheap short sleeved

why: why do you need to buy a cheap online short sleeved

: how to do best buy online cheap short sleeved

in this form to extend other keywords, improve website ranking.

3 is good at making notes when browsing the web

another way to stimulate ideas is to browse your competitors’ websites. When you do this, write down each page or article that you see, and take a few minutes to write an outline and add your own ideas.

when you do these things, then write an article with the same title, do not need too formal, but remember to bring your own views and feelings. Take 15 minutes a day to exercise this skill, and it will be a great help to your content.

4 search related social media accounts and forums

is a social media account and forum that is closely related to your theme

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