Biography for Jingdong and beauty group Li Zhigang just got 18 million Pre A round of financing

Biography for Jingdong and beauty group Li Zhigang just got 18 million Pre A round of financing

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today and another 90 Hu Xinshu won financing compared to 1975 born Li Zhigang is clearly more senior, from 1998 into the "Southern Metropolis Daily" to establish "new economy 100", he has been in the media industry for 18 years, can be described as a "old gun". Of course, Li Zhigang is not wasted years, after forty years old the first venture won the favor of many investors.

January 2016, "new economy 100" won the 4 million yuan angel investment from the source of capital and capital of the high zhang. Li Zhigang recalled the process of contact with the high Zhang capital founder Fan Weifeng: "we met at a dinner, did not know, but after talking, old fan on the spot out of agreement for me to sign, I must vote."

half a year later, Li Zhigang told the new list, "new economy 100" has been completed Pre-A round of financing 18 million yuan, a joint investment in capital, technology and a high Yung two other domestic top investment institutions, valuation in billion yuan.

in the current ten team situation, mining reported in the new economic field and potential Unicorn Unicorn full range of depth of focus of the "new economy of 100 people," why so expensive? Interview new list to answer this question.

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who is Li Zhigang?

is a Jingdong and the biography of


if it is not "a Jingdong" and "nine wins and one defeat: the U.S. Group founder Wang Xing venture ten years" published, knew that Li Zhigang should be a lot less than now. These two books are more than 10 years of experience in the outbreak of the media experience of the product, but also to make his identity from a little-known reporter, into a circle of fame in the business circles of the best-selling writer Li Zhigang.

January 2014, Li Zhigang "independent", he resigned from the "Bloomberg Business Week", added from traditional media to find new way of leaving vanguard. Prior to this, Li Zhigang has been in the media industry for 16 years.

Li Zhigang inventory of his resume: 1998 to 2006, in the Southern Metropolis daily. 2005 to Beijing, I was in the three portals, Sina, Sohu, NetEase have worked, but also the first generation of Internet entrepreneurs. When the 2008 Olympic Games, I have been doing sports, 2008 I had a reporter in the "Sports Illustrated". In 2009 to join the "Oriental entrepreneur", from the sports report turned financial reports. Then went to Bloomberg business week, until 2014 to leave."

whether it is a personal career choice, or the direction of the company’s business, we must conform to the trend of the times, in fact, to 2013, when the traditional media has been declining trend." On the other hand, Li Zhigang believes that the media is a spiritual industry practitioners, as long as the human society continues to progress, the spirit of the future needs and values of the industry

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