No official website WeChat no two public number three App no the Divine Comedy Zhang Shichao how

No official website WeChat no two public number three App no the Divine Comedy Zhang Shichao how

March 8, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

Abstract: in the event of hot events do not have a special plan to engage in speculation, do not do any guidance, let the event free fermentation. This is often either caused by the waste flow, or public opinion out of control, or the cop-out get throught a thing carelessly.

when all entrepreneurial companies in the amount of reading 10W+ and brains when a song "Zhang Shichao where you put my keys" divine quietly brush over the circle of friends, micro-blog WeChat. At the same time, Zhang Shichao, the amount of Baidu instant breakthrough 80W, Baidu search index from January 13th onwards, soared to 13000. This let the old and new SEOer also died instantly. A previously unknown choir, a no official website, no two WeChat public number, three no App, just give the entrepreneur a vivid communication course.

net pass this is unintentional, why suddenly red, the choir itself also pretended not to know. But carefully, from the original NetEase upload music "content", and later the WeChat large forwards, and then to two or three days after the interview the parties and related content of spoof, comment, fermentation, just a week, a standard network event hype process vividly before us.

so, what is the matter of the majority of the entrepreneurial crowd to bring what kind of enlightenment? There are simply three points:

first, destroyed three concept content

after I wrote "speaking from the subway: how to put chicken female" attention "into" purchasing power "?", mentioned in "dog bites man bites a dog that is not news, news". The Zhang Shichao key song content creation, it is also applied to this point.

, like most people, the first time I heard "Zhang Shichao keys song" also encounter in the circle of friends, destroyed three concept lyrics and melodies, dress up singing together, people laughing, and impressive.

first thought is "Ye Liangchen" the hype, do not know which of the PR company was about to star Zhang Shichao". The second day, I found this song forwarding rate has exceeded 10% in the circle of friends, the heart can not help ridicule: Shi Chao, you win


is, in the Internet era, only the "man bites dog" events have destroyed three concept instantly detonated the foundation. If you build a standard chorus, even singing and superb songwriter again tall is also very difficult to resonate. For example, Song Zuying sing folk songs is not news, but if you sing Song Zuying rock must attract onlookers.

secondly, three days is limited to

content has been created, if you do not find the 3 days of their own made the source content was crazy turn, then quickly take the hand. Because the content you have proved speculation failure, and then continue to invest energy and money in vain.

we hear and see "Zhang Shichao keys song", "Ye Liangchen" and "chicken female" fire, but in fact there are many events in the open.

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