Education O2O will become the next fall off the pig

Education O2O will become the next fall off the pig

March 8, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

throughout the O2O market in 2015, thousands of O2O business platform collapse death recorded widespread, O2O from everyone sought to kill them. In fact, O2O itself is not a problem, but the problem in these O2O platform body. In the Internet plus under the impact of traditional education and training Chinese has been a serious threat, as the New Oriental Yu Minhong said: "the transformation may not be able to live, but not necessarily die transformation".


is also in this Internet plus the fashion, Chinese education platform such as O2O like bamboo shoots after a spring rain after another, such as teacher, tutor, teacher came gently, O2O education platform superior education started to go up, but the whole education O2O industry has appeared a lot of problems, and even some abuse of the O2O.

one, education O2O who did not really create new educational value

we can see from many educational O2O platform, they did not create new value for education through the new technology of the Internet, still just the same as the traditional way of thinking. In the past many offline training institutions, often by telephone appointment or set up an online site, followed by Baidu, Google and other platforms for diversion, so as to guide the students to come to class training institutions.

look at the most educational O2O platform today, their practice what is the difference between the past? But in the mobile phone to create a mobile phone client, parents and students can then use the client application, and finally to the point or line of training teachers to students in class, what is the difference between the past and just? In introducing the student resources channels changed, but the way of education, the educational system should change? It can be said that with the traditional training and no two.

two, burn subsidies has become past tense, they still pay homage to

education O2O

O2O when it comes to education, relying on the burn subsidies to the teacher is probably the most usual tricks for the platform. In the domestic education market, a good teacher is a very scarce resource, so O2O education platform to crazy teacher as the representative began to introduce various subsidies to subsidize good teachers, for example, they launched the "teacher camp", "walking" of the global plan, intended by various ways to attract high subsidies the teacher, but once when the realization of the platform is not profitable, eventually the subsidies will not be able to continue, excellent teachers will be a platform to escape.

But the teacher for this

crazy burn subsidies the way it seems very obsessed, according to industry sources said, the teacher will start their crazy C round plan, plans to raise 5-7 billion yuan, want to continue to use burn subsidies to expand their territories, of course, there is no reliable information, after all, investors are smart, they more fancy is the profit, rather than blindly burn. The burn pattern is actually very.

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