Who said APP domain name vip com Alipay is not heavy work

Who said APP domain name vip com Alipay is not heavy work

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renamed China (eName.cn) January 20th hearing, officially released in Japan before the Tencent’s "2014 Tencent applications treasure star APP list, vip.com, Ctrip, public comment, a taxi drops, unfamiliar street, Tencent video, QQ music, cool running every day, the United States shot, Alipay 10 mobile phone APP won the ten annual breakthrough award. Domain credit.

in vip.com, public comment, the ten mobile phone APP, domain name, domain name, combination of two phonetic domain consisted of three, 3 each application in the use of letter names somewhat lonely, the only one of vip.com, but the domain name itself is the highest value, vip.com.


figure: 2014 Tencent application Po APP list

vip.com: the rise of vip.cpm

October 2013, vip.com was traced to tens of millions of dollars of the purchase price of the Acura vip.com domain name, the next month, the high-profile vip.com enabled, replaced the original English combination of domain name vipshop.com. Since then, on vip.com, you are VIP, the slogan of overwhelming hit.

indeed, compared with the original combination of domain name, vip.com is not only more simple and easy to remember, but also very favorable for having heard it many times for the consumer, brand promotion, and is consistent with the positioning of vip.com "only sale website". With the vip.com, the rise of vip.com is more a tiger with wings added increasing site traffic. Query Alexa, vip.com average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) up to 2 million 340 thousand, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 28 million 80 thousand, is a strong competitor Jingdong, Tmall,

in VIP.com help out, the mobile phone APP products is the outstanding performance, this is from the beautiful, mogujie.com, jumei.com and other outstanding talent shows itself in the vertical field of electronic business, won the most fashionable breakthrough APP.

, the United States took public comment fun Pinyin domain name

in the use of Pinyin domain name of the mobile phone software, there are self artifact (beauty shot) (meipai.com), buy site public comment (dianping.com) and taxi software drops taxi". Although the taxi drops enabled the parent company of "small orange technology" of the full name xiaojukeji.com, but the three is the value which is advantageous to the brand awareness of the brand name.

is well known, Pinyin domain name for domestic users, has a good record easy to enter, in line with the usual habits, for the terminal, but also more conducive to the promotion and publicity of the brand.


fun combination of domain name

in simple numbers, letters and domain name meaning good domain name all have been labeled high The early bird catches, and now.

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