End of the community to land three new board financing 16 years to maintain the community’s final tr

End of the community to land three new board financing 16 years to maintain the community’s final tr

March 8, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

did not expect so many people concerned about the horizon, Xing Ming, President of Tianya community in connection with Sina Technology, said.

he is in the sina science and technology to communicate with him when the three new board listed on the news made the above statement. The other end of the phone, his voice seemed very excited, in his view, the horizon seems to have the opportunity to be reborn.

, however, the bearer of too many memories and sustenance of the old community has gradually faded out of people’s vision. The establishment of 16 years, the loyal fans have entered the thirty years of age.

"I occasionally go to the end of the world diving, but the basic will not speak, I feel there is a bubble pupils." An old community of users to Sina technology.

she thought a lot of people’s voices. Perhaps the world has not changed, but the reader has changed. But for 35 years is an iterative Internet industry, the same may be the most deadly.

in fact, if it is not a micro-blog on the horizon was sold rumors, the media will not even pay attention to the horizon of the three new board listed news.

successive losses

micro-blog is sold on the horizon of the message from a "public transfer instructions" file. Xing Ming said that this document is only one step in the new three board listing, the horizon is currently planning a new three board listing.

this document also revealed some of the recent data Tianya community. Data show that the world’s main source of income is still advertising, and the last two years has been a continuous loss, in 2014 and in 2013 the amount of losses were 44 million 650 thousand yuan and $31 million 610 thousand.

Tianya community in 2014 and the end of 2013 net assets were $4 million 947 thousand and $29 million 65 thousand and 500, net cash flow from operating activities of the company were negative and negative 18 million 800 thousand yuan.

Tianya said, if the company operating cash flow in the future is negative, the company may occur even money with money is tight, thereby affecting the normal business development, therefore, the company recently decided to the specific object of the issuance of 3 million shares.

in the profit model, the main revenue from the Internet advertising network marketing business, as well as personal, corporate Internet value-added services.

nearly two years of financial data show that in 2013, online advertising revenues 45 million 379 thousand and 200 yuan, accounting for 42.34%, the Internet value-added services revenue 61 million 799 thousand and 600 yuan, accounting for 57.66%; in 2014, online advertising revenues 39 million 639 thousand and 900 yuan, the proportion fell to 38.08%, the Internet value-added services revenue 60 million 917 thousand and 500 yuan, accounting for up to 58.52%. In addition there are other business revenue 3 million 547 thousand and 400 yuan, accounting for more than 3.41%.


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