Why is the author of the coral caught Hong Bo uncomfortable

Why is the author of the coral caught Hong Bo uncomfortable

March 8, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

      see Mr. Hong Bo wrote: "Sanyan Erpai coral the hapless" one article, always feel to the Tencent between the lines revealed contempt and resentment, but the argumentation and argument of Mr. Hong is not sufficient, but also with a strong subjective sense of color master. Do the following analysis:

      Mr. Hung said, "a Tencent is really worth more than the entire DVD industry?" In this regard, I would like to ask this is Mr. hung in contempt of China’s intellectual property behind, or despise Tencent? Hackers crack iPhone is also a crime, although supported by many fans, AT& T has filed a complaint. Copyright protection of DVD operating system Chinese adverse, rampant piracy is a social problem China, the price is high and the DVD disk operating system and China consumer income is not the consequence of coordination.

      while Chen Shoufu’s QQ is a pirate of the Tencent’s free software, the purpose of piracy is to rely on this profit, while bringing their own plug-ins and Trojans endanger user security. This and piracy windows, pirated DVD has an essential difference, and therefore can not be confused. Just think, if the operating system and DVD are free, or the price is low, there are people with pirated Mody, there is no demand, which come from the pirates?

      Mr. Hong said "if you remove the QQ advertisement even if a criminal offense, then whether all manufacturing Adblock individuals and institutions, including Microsoft, a company like Google (they all provide pop-up blocking function), should be up to?" This argument is substitution.

      for example, a man built a house, and then in their own roof cover a small teahouse, make money selling tea, this is as unalterable principles. But Mr Hong Bo wanted to build a tea house under the roof of the house The truth is the same, Chen Shoufu uses QQ’s user base and platform to sell their own ads and rogue plug-ins, and even the virus, which is not only the law can not be a problem, but also contrary to the basic moral. Microsoft, Google are doing their own business under the eaves, what can not be?

      Mr. Hong said the "coral help QQ promotion, let people use QQ hate", somewhat got cheap Maiguai feeling. Coral is able to display IP, in the privacy concern today, who likes to be seen in their specific location? This is only a small number of people’s needs, but is not in line with the needs of social logic, QQ is to meet the normal needs.

      steal someone else’s platform, earn their own money, and then to the user’s computer bundled Trojans, and then said to see how much I helped QQ to promote, this is not

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