Stationmaster Congress feedback insist insist insist again

Stationmaster Congress feedback insist insist insist again

March 8, 2017 ckrekbra 0

April 19th, today is to get up early, early to the venue, 8 came to Beijing new hotel, surprised to find that was not too much to the webmaster webmaster, probably because not up early habit.

According to the custom

sign, according to the custom to seat, waiting for half an hour, attend the meeting of the owners only after another to reach the venue, the venue is on a noisy up, exchange name card, mutual communication, cooperation relationship, the big hall is filled with lively webmaster jin.

slightly delayed ten minutes before the official start, probably because the bigwigs also need to communicate with each other to communicate, exchange a few name card like that for a while, squeeze with Mr. CEO Pang Dongsheng chatted two, he praised the development of a very high profile Admin5 webmaster, thanks after being back in a continuous line. Visitors crowded out……

DZ Dai Zhikang, out of Dong Qinfeng, the ideal online Li Xianghua, good Doctor Wang hang, Li Xiang, Ku6 network Li Shanyou and so on, the speakers are heavyweights in the industry sector. And their experience of success, without exception, mentioned: adhere to.

personal webmaster is to adhere to the poor: Today heard the QQ station fire, hurry up and make a code station, tomorrow found it easier to stop the flow of beauty, then quickly open space beauty station, Google station and the background medical price seems relatively high, and began the collection of medical data from everywhere.

do not say much, we think about their own adherence to the longest web site of the same project, about how long it will be able to adhere to the new project? Three months?The

issued a "XuSanDuo Award", five master award, at least in the industry adhere to 5 years, there are sad, bitter, but adhere to today, in the field of Internet has done their biggest.

whether it is morning or afternoon speech, interview questions, revolves around the theme of the conference: to persist! Belief on the website of the people insist, insist, whether to do anything, as long as you choose, we should stick with it.

08 years everyone says is head of the ice, but more ice, more is the webmaster development opportunity, only in the ice phase of external force will be on the Internet at a distance, but we are familiar with the Internet, to tell his station to do the most professional, adhere to the day of the clouds and the sunrise and it is not far away from success.

adhere to the faith, the general assembly, in addition to the communication and exchange, more important is in the most difficult moments, to give encouragement and confidence in individual stationmaster the most strong, although the webmaster general assembly is done, but this belief will transfer the spirit of many personal webmaster circle in the seed sowing, finally one day will sprout, bloom, the fruits of the harvest.

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