Last year 25 thousand sites were malicious tampering with the core security technology should accel

Last year 25 thousand sites were malicious tampering with the core security technology should accel

March 8, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

news (Xinhua news agency in Beijing on August 30th, Bai Ying Xu Zhou) last year, nearly 5000 IP address, about 25 thousand theft Trojan infection site is malicious tampering…… In recent years, network attacks and information security incidents, depth analysis of the use of big data to conduct and content, detect and prevent new security threats, the localization of core technology security has become the domestic industry consensus.

from the national Internet Emergency Center of Internet of our country macroscopical safety monitoring data show that in 2015 China has been tampered with nearly 25 thousand websites, government websites have 898, have leakage and operation safety risk, intelligent management and protection of critical data and amount of sea secrets within the enterprise become a pressing matter of the moment.

traditional security protection technology is based on the rule of protection, and the latest network attacks can be mastered by the technical rules to bypass the protection technology. With the big data, in-depth analysis of the content of practical technology, big data security analysis (BDSA) and unified content security (UCS) and the product has become an important means to solve network threats." Beijing sky Guardian network Safe Technology Ltd CEO Liu Lin said in Beijing the day before.

in fact, with the advent of mobile Internet, cloud services, network boundaries can not be determined, the traditional security ideas can not be more comprehensive protection of personal, corporate, government information security.

traditional information security measures difficult to cope with the challenges of information security in the era of big data, big data era should strengthen the protection of information security." Shen Changxiang Chinese academician believes that because the information security involves national security, international top security vendors in the core technology of domestic technology blockade, especially in this China need information security technology breakthrough.

for the enterprise should start from two aspects to avoid possible security problems: first, to strengthen the safety awareness of enterprises, the two is to provide security protection through security companies." Qihoo 360 President Qi Xiangdong said.

According to Liu Lin

, the field of information security technology has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and the sky guards launched Gigabit data content security technology based on leakage protection (DLP) data leakage protection products and pure cloud architecture solutions designed to break the monopoly, so that the core technology lies in the security’s own hands.

insiders said that this technology is based on deep content analysis, solution identification, monitoring and protection of static, transmission and use of data, to ensure that the core data can not lose, to individuals, enterprises and government, bank and other information protection purposes, in order to prevent the safe operation of information risk. We should accelerate more core security technology localization.

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