Grassroots webmaster how to introduce an example from the 51 space traffic analysis

Grassroots webmaster how to introduce an example from the 51 space traffic analysis

March 8, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

warm tip: This article is only suitable for the promotion of new friends to worry about, please bypass, thank you!

some time ago to help me apply for a MM 51 space (51 space requires video authentication, as to why the MM application, this need not say it). After taking this space, but also because there is no time to take care of, put it there, a few days ago did not intend to open a look, the results of a lot of people add me as a friend, a lot of people. This kind of door-to-door visits we do not want to be sure.

how to make these people willing to come to our website? Look at the example:

my site is FLASH site, I found a little game on the Kiss class, address: we can see. Then write an article in the 51 space, "test: Park kiss, do you dare?"

Note: the

write a little introduction, with exaggerated a bit no problem, and cut two pictures, eliminate their concerns, too much this year poison people, everyone is afraid of. Finally in the proper position into the game address, and then put the top 51 space, have a good will take notice of your friends published articles, the next thing to do, usually nothing more than faceless, above the city, like Luantan, leave some traces in their space, anyway is a word, copy you don’t spend what time. Occasionally update the blog, visiting friends to greet the warm. Extension: if you have the ability to make your article a lot of friends reproduced, you are more successful! In addition to the 51 space space, Baidu is also good, I have a little space initiative to visit others, every day dozens of visitors.

insist to study more, don’t because of this to IP not much disdain to make Many a little make a mickle., believe that everyone understand this truth. Another point, my flash game I made a small game, you can choose the appropriate user according to the content of your site, the formula is the same, but the number is not the same as the set into it!

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