Website how to use micro blog precision promotion

Website how to use micro blog precision promotion

March 8, 2017 azwnolxx 0

the first post, please forgive the inadequacies! Hope can help to the establishment of the early friends! Micro-blog has become increasingly fierce, various celebrities have settled and gradually with the convenience and convenience of micro-blog to build their own promotion positions. Micro-blog’s future potential is limitless, as a webmaster, the development and utilization of micro-blog to give up new channels for the promotion of our website certainly not. Here Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog as a case, through the actual operation, found that micro-blog is more convenient and quick. Tencent micro-blog can be added directly through the head to pay attention, speed is better than Sina micro-blog. Not much to say, look at the actual operation:

first, to build their own micro-blog. My micro-blog is You can add

, hee hee!

secondly, through the website related topics, to find your site may be interested in the number of users. For example: my website is designed to do Taobao (electricity supplier) to share the experience, I’m looking for attention "Taobao" the topic that part of the crowd, in this part of the crowd to choose Taobao shop owner to increase attention (attention is mutual, unless you pay attention to him, his fans very much, general in turn your attention). Picture:

of which 1, 2, 3 are the owner of Taobao, without exception, have added me, and visited my site. The third step is the key is how to successfully attract this part of the crowd to our website, of course, the content is very important, that is what I just said to have attractive content or topics. See also above, I released some of the successful experience of the owner of Taobao, which is very attractive to try to improve the sales of the owner’s friends.


best, is to put the content of their web site to do a good job, really put these users into the site’s loyal users. This method can be copied in any one of the micro-blog, the main use of micro-blog’s editorial, does not significantly increase the workload of webmaster friends.

the first post, no ability to please forgive me! I will continue to work hard! Put on my site: not my blog (Taobao experience sharing), for your reference. Thank you for reading!

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