Search marketing read the key behind the secret

Search marketing read the key behind the secret

March 8, 2017 azwnolxx 0

introduction: whether you are engaged in the search engine optimization bidding or SEO, or Taobao sellers, this paper will be helpful to you.

The author

08 years engaged in SEO optimization, 11 year contact search engine for 13 years, because some things take a year, 14 years set sail again, these days to learn search engine bidding, you can understand the Baidu bid, harvest very much, not exclusive, special for everyone to share, such as what do not please guide.

after a few days of learning experiment, before he has put Baidu auction revenue in the state, many people will complain about what money do Baidu bidding, said Baidu burn, many delays…… Admittedly, Baidu really burn, there are a lot of late, of course I also like, just as Baidu, a flow platform, can we do not do marketing, not to give it up, any one platform has its reason to exist, we need to do is: according to the platform the rules to do, to do their own thing, learning the past few days, I was deeply impressed with the bidding, now 11 years there is a big difference, before the competition is small, how do you play are not for losses, now is different, do not have losses for the company, for their own skills we study hard, bidding skills.

a lot of people will say, I will do the bidding Baidu, I want to say is that it is simple, but you can play through is another to say, not to say, direct access to the theme keywords read the secret behind, we all know that the bidding success lies in the choice of keywords (of course there are many other the factors, such as creativity, description, landing page, product prices and so on, other optimization techniques is not in the scope of this paper), whether you are engaged in the search engine bidding or SEO optimization, or Taobao sellers, this paper will be helpful to you.

when we choose a keyword, we must consider the meaning of the word, such as: perfume, Malos tells us that there are 5 levels of demand, starting from the most basic layer are physiological needs, security needs, social needs, esteem needs and self actualization needs, when a a hierarchy of needs are met, the next level of demand will become the main demand, such as our sales perfume, perfume on the needs of the various users the following levels:

physiological needs: it does not smell bad, can bring a pleasant feeling

security requirements: this fragrance will not have any side effects on the human body

social needs: what perfume do we use? I don’t want to be too

respect for demand: Chanel? Versace? No more face

self actualization needs: perfume, my personality expression

let’s take a look at the index of perfume:


from here we can see that everyone is searching for perfume

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