Free marketing strategy analysis based on forum

Free marketing strategy analysis based on forum

March 8, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

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marketing model has increased, such as the rise of many micro marketing, traditional marketing mode gradually twilight, such as forum marketing and e-mail marketing etc.. But although this kind of marketing was not so hot, but for some industries, but the marketing forum can play a very good role, especially in some specialized industries, a lot of information content is the forum and the forum, there are a large number of target groups, so this kind of forum based on marketing can play a multiplier role.

now want to do marketing, but also not in the past through the forum posting machine, or to register an account, engage in a signature to send posts or top posts to marketing. This marketing strategy can not meet the demand of modern marketing forum, perhaps such marketing will soon be BBS titles, let your marketing play no role. After all, now running a good forum is not easy, the owners may not have the eyes of the forum. Therefore, to change the marketing strategy to be able to succeed in such sites.

first, to be positioned in the Forum promotion keywords. This is a very important aspect, if you marketing keywords and keyword forum are misfits, this to Baidu search engines, you would not think that such content is good, and even affect your weight marketing target station. So you choose the key words and the key words in the forum there is a certain relationship. For example, if you want to sell a website, then you can post in some of the community portal recruitment channels, so as to match the content of this channel. And the flow of the drainage, its purpose is also strong, help to improve the flow conversion rate.

second, pay attention to post skills. This is the key to the forum marketing, marketing work is difficult to carry out a lot of forums, because the post is a hair, account demise. So I want to do a good job of marketing in the forum, to let yourself become active in the forum, the forum for active service, or actively participate in the forum activities initiated, or diligent attendance, the top post, until his permission has been further improved, and then released some high quality content, these content can also be some of your website in the soft advertising, we must pay attention to the soft at this point, because now a lot of BBS do not want their key channel exists spam text, so once appear, or delete posts, or delete the account.

wait until getting his permission is high, then you can take the appropriate site outside the chain, which is usually the BBS allowed range, once you get the permission to do so, the picture and the anchor text chain your settings are required after scrutiny, must comply with the optimal relevance principle of Baidu. Then post the release position can appear as the theme for the form, but also by the top of the stick form, and put the top position of a general choice of home building and the second floor of the 1 page position, this is more conducive to marketing post exposure, so as to enhance the attractiveness of the user.

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