Teach you to know from hand to hand to attract precise fans

Teach you to know from hand to hand to attract precise fans

March 8, 2017 uttpdooa 0

lead: know almost a precise crowd, there are interested in all types of people, such a fan of high viscosity, easy conversion. Today, I teach you to know from hand to attract precise fans.

first suction powder means

in the know is mainly absorbed powder means is divided into two kinds of

(1) self introduction

often see some people put their promotional information into a word of self introduction. The advantage is that, as long as the reader to see your answer, the first glance will see your promotional information.


(2) and promote

there are some people, often in their own final answer plus their promotion, this is only the content of your wonderful writing, the reader will read the answer to see your promotional information.


these two promotion methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The show is the first method is very high, regardless of the answer for you is interested, you will see the promotion of information, but the conversion rate is limited; the second methods show the amount is not large, but the conversion rate is high, one can read your answers, then most people will be interested to learn more about you. Of course, the two methods used together, the effect is more obvious.

second, powder suction operation

After the introduction of

powder suction means, we follow the two means to set up their own know almost account, then, we began to suck powder actual operation.

first of all, to give you almost know the positioning.

this is very important, we must choose the topic. Know that there are thousands of topics above, we must do a good job on a topic.

for example, we choose the topic of the internet. Will find a lot of Internet related topics, these topics are concerned about good.


and in these main topics below, there are many sub topics, as long as your location, all the attention.


then, to judge the new problem.

this is very important, is to judge the problem will not be aware of almost caused widespread concern.

actually, careful observation of the hot issues, we can find some rules. Here are a few ways to summarize.

(1) news hot spot

this kind of problem is very easy to attract fans attention, after all, we like to focus on hot spots.


Of course,

is not limited to this

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