Learning form from the creation of the soft soft naobaijin

Learning form from the creation of the soft soft naobaijin

March 8, 2017 azwnolxx 0

at the end of the 90 years of the last century, in the background of the health care industry is China failure, a new health care brand through various marketing means, literally an unknown brand has become known to every family health brand, it is the legendary naobaijin.


on melatonin marketing, and circulated on the Internet a lot, today we have from the soft writing point of view, combined with the specific case, melatonin, and share common soft form and used effectively, the form is still used by software writers from all walks of life. At the same time, we also hope to take this article to let you have a more profound understanding of what is the concept of soft


1, news

what is the best soft soft? Let the reader interested in transfer and soundlessly to spread information to the reader, this is the best soft soft, most hidden in many forms of soft, soft, and is undoubtedly the most effective type of soft news. It is written in the form of news soft Wen, after reading the reader feels like a piece of news, but to promote the product, but has a deep understanding of the Department of marketing.

in many soft melatonin early propaganda, communication effect first is the "Nanjing" soft American crazy "signs" from the title of the article, we can see that this is a very soft news text, "" and "signs" these words filled with fresh, induced people want to know what the United States is crazy crazy, what symptom appeared in Nanjing? And in the text, the author introduction, background, text, and other news at the end of the way the body will be the United States to sign Nanjing panic buying melatonin, melatonin may appear panic buying presents, caused the attention of melatonin for consumers.

2, suspense

There is a unique

Chinese traditional cross talk, that is to shake the burden, a most keywords speak first, and then layers of bedding, slowly unlock, unlock more, more, more attractive. This also applies to the soft text creation process, we put this form of soft Wen called "suspense", suspense type soft Wen set of questions must be attractive, otherwise it will not cause the reader’s attention.

melatonin early publicity advertorial, communication effect of second soft Wen is the suspensive forms of creation, named "Nanjing sleep, Shenyang?", also called "American sleep, Chinese?", from the title as we know why the United States will do good, Chinese. In the soft start, the author did not directly explain the sleep, but first began to "happy ending without happy beginning, 95 years, Americans are crazy! 96 years, Taiwanese Japanese crazy! Crazy!", why they mad rush to buy is called melatonin products, which can explain melatonin help sleep, at the same time the expression of American Sleep is guaranteed, how to do so many China insomnia patients worry insomnia symptoms and guide the reader to the attention of the product.

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