You do not know the nternet marketing four dead

You do not know the nternet marketing four dead

March 8, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

one, died of marketing and product unrelated; two, died in marketing than the actual; the death of the image of the market, and the ability to match their own, four, died of negative marketing toxicity is too strong, three.


a, died of marketing and product unrelated

has been used as the 61 million 190 thousand price shot Bea Hayden "goddess new clothes" program related works of the star wardrobe, people are feeling generous, and recently, "nouveau riche" has been "D round of financing is not smooth, questioned the funding chain tight, and triggered a series of war torn X. In addition, the star wardrobe is not generally pre-D round of equity investment, but the use of debt in the form of.

so far, the star wardrobe has completed five rounds of financing, including the Pre-D round, including:

is one of the last round of Pre-D was completed in August 2015 to a listed company, Zhejiang Yongqiang (7.350,0.09,1.24%) 50 million RMB financing, corresponding valuation of 1 billion 650 million yuan, it is worth noting that this investment is not a general sense of equity investment, while the use of the debt of the form.

star wardrobe launched in 2012 to fame, "burn" the title is a major killer. Star wardrobe prior to 61 million 190 thousand yuan photographed variety show "new clothes" goddess Bea Hayden and designer Li Wei cooperation works, shocked the industry. But in fact, the star wardrobe CEO Lin Qinghua said, this 60 million yuan he didn’t spend a penny, just spent 20 million. But in the outside world, unaware of the situation, the company’s move has been considered to be a very strong financial company will burn.

star closet in the model is not clear under the condition of big marketing, the rapid absorption of gold to grow at the same time, also means that the ship does not turn around. In the ship rapidly ahead of the ship, I did not see the burn marketing in the end is what kind of idea of star wardrobe. Would you like to tell me that the star wardrobe can bring the dress of the star fan?. In this marketing, I just saw a set of money to burn and burn desperately in one company.

when a marketing has been to the public that he is rich, this concept has covered the product itself to express the idea, does it mean that the product positioning is not clear it?

marketing success also means that this has nothing to do with the concept of product and mass firmly connected, produce the original impression.

to break this link re shape, and do things is not a marketing, there is no way.

in the seven day after the encounter bottlenecks in the Econo Hotel model, the NYSE delisting, change the high-end route. The seven day is the grass root hotel this original impression has been popular in Beijing where the most expensive hotel room seven days maximum only sold to 500>

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