The third party payment license deadline soon more than and 140 only 27 companies have a card

The third party payment license deadline soon more than and 140 only 27 companies have a card

March 8, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

although there are more than and 140 party payment companies license application on the central bank website publicity, but in the first batch of more than 27 months after the issuance of the license issued more than three months, the new license is still only listen to the stairs". According to the "non financial institution payment service management approach", before September 1st this year did not obtain pay business license will not continue to engage in the relevant business. Facing the deadline, third party payment companies said, for enterprise collective licensing possibility of the central bank will take very little, gradually release the measures to take the card temporarily delayed period.

new license has not yet issued

According to

last June issued a "non financial institution payment service management approach", the third party payment companies did not obtain pay business license in September 1st this year, will not continue to engage in the relevant business. In May this year, including the first Alipay, TenPay, quick money, chinapnr and other 27 companies licensed. Since then, there have been more than 100 companies to submit applications, as of now, the central bank to apply for a license to pay the number of enterprises has exceeded 140. However, seeing just around the corner, a new batch of third party payment license but still no movement. Yesterday, reporters call several has applied for the licence of the third party payment companies, to take a card this problem, several enterprises responsible person call "too sensitive".

"at this point, who is not sure, but we have been required to submit an application to the licensing should be only a matter of time." The responsible person admitted to reporters, hundreds of third party payment enterprises can not get a license at the same time, the central bank also quite cautious, "from the first batch of enterprises licensed, the central bank always deliberately avoided the market attention time, several times after the licensing time." Earlier there was news that the company has applied for publicity related businesses can get grace. In this regard, the industry also said that they had heard the relevant departments have heard rumors that the expiration of the brand will not be a "one size fits all"".

prepaid card or key point

compared to other third party payment services, prepaid card business is the focus of the license audit, analysts have also been considered to be the key to the new license delays issued. The first half of this year, the central bank had combined with the Ministry of supervision, the Ministry of Finance and other 7 ministries jointly issued "on the norms of commercial prepaid card management opinions", the main aim is to issue the number of franchise issuers can cross regional, cross industry, cross legal use of multi-purpose prepaid cards, the wash stolen goods, bribery, tax evasion such situation is very serious, but as it involves multi stakeholder, the regulation is not easy.

Although the

license temporarily "stuck", but the central bank has internal position, as long as the business license application has been accepted and the central bank has entered the stage of publicity, so the sale of prepaid card (card stock) can continue to use, but may not be allowed to issue new card (incremental card). However, part of the prepaid card companies are looking for their own back, there are third party payment company, said it would consider a number of companies have been licensed to get together with the third

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