help rural electricity providers accurate poverty alleviation

help rural electricity providers accurate poverty alleviation

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June 6th, Henan Zhoukou Shenqiu County propaganda department to love business Wu Shenqiu branch office of rural electricity supplier to the north of Wang Ying Xing Zheng Cun visit poor families. China’s rural electricity supplier electricity supplier with the actual action to help solve the problem of accurate poverty alleviation work in Shenqiu. The county Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Sun Shuren, Cheng Cheng and love business representatives participated in the visiting activity, North office party secretary Zhang Xiao accompanied the condolences.


the condolences activities, we were taking the rural electricity supplier Wang Ying Xing Zheng Cun 8 households due to poverty due to illness, poverty and other reasons the residual households sent 4000 yuan relief funds. I said the rural electricity supplier staff, has been to improve the lives of farmers, accelerate the development of rural areas, so that the rural and urban integration, etc., are my rural electricity supplier business vision. To participate in poverty alleviation work, is the bounden duty, actively contribute to the community at the same time the development of the poverty alleviation work in the administrative village of Wang Ying, hoping to contribute to a precise poverty.

At the same time I

‘s personnel work to introduce the rural electricity supplier in some backward areas, the rural people’s life is limited, very self-sufficient, without access to the outside, the traffic is not convenient to transport. Lead to the growing gap between urban and rural living quality, and the emergence of rural electricity supplier in China is to solve this problem.


Wu’s aim is to contribute to the rural electricity supplier, to create a new model of rural consumption, farmers living convenience to maximize. I am taking the rural electricity supplier is equivalent to the farmers own mall, can buy all kinds of goods at home. I am taking rural electricity providers can make more high-quality goods rapidly towards the "stove" backyard "".

Wu rural electricity supplier effectively quality goods brought into the countryside, the birth of a new mode of employment, to help rural poverty, to the public venture, the highly innovative normalization. To promote the employment of the rural work, improve people’s livelihood, revitalize the rural economy, the consumption of industry, urbanization, online employment localization to promote rural economic and social transformation and Upgrading — all these achievements of the great magic of the rural electricity supplier, has become all levels of government, business enterprise and individuals across the country will take the initiative to the electronic commerce and the combination of "three agriculture" aimed at the "rural electricity supplier" actively explore endogenous power. The State Council executive meeting, decided to improve the rural and remote areas of broadband telecommunications universal service compensation mechanism, narrowing the digital gap between urban and rural areas; plan to accelerate the development of rural electricity supplier, through the growth of new formats to promote consumption benefit the people’s livelihood.


at the scene of the condolences poor households said excitedly: "I am taking the rural electricity supplier sent us condolences, sent a warm, sent a timely rain, to solve our as pressing danger." And said to be under the leadership of the higher authorities, self-reliance, hard work, as soon as possible to embark on the road to prosperity.

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