Analysis of the plight of the current situation of the United States the days really difficult ah

Analysis of the plight of the current situation of the United States the days really difficult ah

March 8, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

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Chinese group purchase industry fully deserve big boss, the U.S. group is obviously many products you want to copy and go beyond the object. Development so far, the United States mission will remain firmly in the hands of their own hands, do not rely on trees to support independent operations to the present, and its excellent operational ability has become a lot of the author’s material. From the BMW recruitment, to the late steady involvement the three or four line of the city, the U.S. group and Wang Xing very aware of what they want, how to do better.

But the market is always changing in

, 2014 is not a year around us. Experienced thousands of regiments, came to the hundred regiments, buy the market purification and reshuffle has entered the final stage. It can be said that the current market is really competitive business is the United States mission, public comment, handle, glutinous rice, etc., and the giant factor has become the heart of the United States can not help but remove the heart. Tencent investment public comment, and the public comment on the acquisition of hungry Mody, big mouth, Baidu is a direct support of glutinous rice, in the face of the giants to buy the market situation of the war, the United States can not panic in the hearts of the group. Financing news does not mean anything, but the United States as a group is still in the creation of a loss, but it has been able to take the investment of the enterprise, all of which are somewhat sensitive.

for the financing of the message, we once again set our sights on the U.S. group operator Wang Xing, facing the question, did not say what Wang xing. Just about the other side, said the United States is now more in need of scale. The scale is indeed hardware based product development oriented, but the future as you can imagine mission better, after all, drive up US group of people is too much, everyone in the group emphasized the beauty of wisdom, but did not realize the beauty in a situation is the footsteps of the completed his own plan the results, not to mention, but there is still a difficulty.


market competition is too fierce, the U.S. group struggling to parry. Takeaway market will be the United States under the steady growth of the group, for this conclusion, I think more than one person agreed. Faced with the current commodity category and the continuous improvement of product Vertical subdivision, some areas have indeed ushered in a saturated bottleneck, on the basis of join in the takeaway market is actually a wise move to seek healthy development. But this is not the only American market Pathfinder, public comment investment hungry is obviously the catch one, backed by indirect public comment hungry takeaway market and the U.S. hit the price war, buy paste preferential continuous compression beauty group capital chain. It is said that although the U.S. group will have about 1 million 200 thousand takeaway orders per month, but they have to subsidize nearly $200 million, which is really a similar approach to gambling.

in the face of the hungry, the United States mission a few odds? You know in the takeaway market, hungry is a pioneer in the early, very familiar with the market of college students in the founder, after obtaining financing, hungry is more will do business in China, the face of such an early start, rich competitors, beauty group can easily win? I don’t think so, the United States Mission in the market leading group purchase mostly concentrated in the early.

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