A5 selection two eleven hush head to increase the major electricity supplier war is ongoing competit

A5 selection two eleven hush head to increase the major electricity supplier war is ongoing competit

March 8, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

1 electricity supplier duopoly war eleven Jingdong play psyche  

eleven is Tmall double singles years pushing the promotion day, due to the dual eleven users know, netizens concept in the heart has become the supplier of promotional Festival, all platforms have double bonus of eleven. In the minds of Internet users are no longer the double eleven and Tmall binding, each business platform Gexianshentong, electricity resources war climax. After years of accumulation and competition, Jingdong, Tmall has become a duopoly business platform in the industry level of most concern, the double eleven is two more layout in the flow, logistics, marketing, creative technology, even for one month in advance.

online and offline when Tmall, Jingdong closure double eleven

double eleven close, the major electricity providers have begun to vigorously publicize the desire to cut the flow of two strong eleven. Double eleven as the most attractive to the domestic online shopping electricity supplier promotions, electricity providers are also bound to benefit from. The flow of competition, no doubt become the focus of the double eleven propaganda focus.

2 Tmall O2O was forced to stop the boycott: online and offline channels difficult to get through  

in the home store after the boycott, Tmall suspended yesterday in the field of home O2O projects. The online and offline channels for the first time a large-scale conflict with Tmall’s setback.

previously prepared for double 11, Tmall proposed a new gameplay O2O, the intention of improving the user experience through online and offline to attract more users to participate. But it will also lead to war from the line to the line.

Chinese Home Furnishing industry’s 19 largest chain stores such as regional or EASYHOME, Meikailong and Yoshimori Ikuni recently signed the "opinions" China Furniture Association Committee on market norms of e-commerce, boycott Tmall.

3.19 Home Furnishing stores boycott Tmall: EASYHOME banned

double 11 did not arrive, the smoke has spread in the home industry. Tmall thought traditional stores pockets approach triggered Meikailong open blocked, provoking EASYHOME document control. The reporter was informed that the 19 large-scale Home Furnishing stores home, quietly Na under the "Warlords", for Tmall platforms such as the impact of the implementation of joint defense.



"Red Star" convey "unexpectedly" banned

since October 29th, with the spread of a picture, Home Furnishing industry suddenly racket. Everyone on the industry heavyweights – Meikailong chairman Che Jianxin asked businesses to boycott Tmall line activities on the hot news. And in October 30th, another industry leader – actually home, then sent a letter to the merchant, formally conveyed the determination and methods of punishment.


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