Baidu CFO said part of the keyword price does not rise on behalf of the overall

Baidu CFO said part of the keyword price does not rise on behalf of the overall

March 7, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

According to the Baidu

search marketing system to switch to phoenix nest system, some keyword prices phenomenon, Baidu’s chief financial officer (CFO) Li Xinxi yesterday responded that the Baidu keyword part price really appeared to rise, but some industries can not on behalf of the entire Baidu.

popular keywords highest price 8 times

April 20, 2009, Baidu officially launched the search to promote professional edition, namely phoenix nest promotion system. In December 1st of that year, Baidu fully enabled phoenix nest system, phoenix nest fully take over all of Baidu’s promotion position, and the original search marketing classic (ie, PPC) bid farewell to the stage of history.

Baidu 2009 fourth quarter earnings report, the network marketing revenue in the quarter increased by a large margin of 39.8%, an increase of more than an annual profit of more than 48%, both more than analysts had expected. In this regard, Baidu chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li will be attributed to phoenix nest, said phoenix nest system performance exceeded expectations".

however, the search engine marketing company statistics Beijing Aidesiqi Technology Co., Ltd. release said, switch to phoenix nest, Baidu keyword prices price phenomenon, the gaming industry hot keywords the highest price has risen 8 times, the real estate industry popular keyword prices also rose faster.

there are users exposed material said Baidu phoenix nest search account fees are also rising.

friends have speculated that Baidu keyword prices recently, may be related to rival Google retreated to Hongkong. There are friends, said: the popular keywords to charge more advertising fees, the long-term development of the industry is very unfavorable."

is not all keywords price increases

yesterday morning, Li Xinxi in Beijing to attend the Baidu Inc sponsored the "National College Vocational Business Challenge" said on the sidelines, Baidu advertising system switched to "phoenix nest", the number of advertisers had a brief decline, but has rebounded, advertisers put the amount of the increase in. Li Xinxi acknowledged that the price of keywords is indeed a rising phenomenon, but she believes that the situation in some industries can not represent the whole situation of Baidu.

morning news reporters call the Baidu customer service staff was informed that: according to customer’s different city, "phoenix nest" of the opening price fluctuate, Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities is 5600 yuan (excluding annual service fee), Chengdu city is 5000 yuan. However, Baidu customer service staff said that at present there is no receipt of the account will increase the cost of notification.


"although prices rose, but the new system has higher precision, AD conversion rate also increased, so the advertiser’s rate of return on investment (ROI) has not declined." Ed Faith Chi, senior vice president, said that some advertisers even is still improving, so advertisers did not reduce the launch plan ROI.


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