Shanghai decision 60 billion yuan online gambling case 17 defendants jailed

Shanghai decision 60 billion yuan online gambling case 17 defendants jailed

March 7, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

by acting as an agent for foreign gambling sites, and the recruitment of personnel to serve as their subordinate agents, the development of CANDU staff, a year, the amount of the agency account held by the amount of up to 63 billion 300 million yuan shou. 19, Shanghai City People’s Court of Huangpu District on the Internet gambling case verdict, Shou 17 defendants for casino crimes were jailed and fined.

, the court found that from July 2011 to July 2012, Shou from others to get the crown, Sun City, The Associated Press, LEE KEE and other gambling sites proxy account and as a proxy, at the same time the recruitment of Jiang, Chen, song and other 5 defendants as its subordinate agency, accept the vote, and from tap profit.

get the first level of agency, Jiang, who first level development of lower level agents and CANDU staff, and profit from. And in the process, Hu and other 7 defendants were accepted instigation, is responsible for the distribution of gambling gambling accounts, payment accounts, making money gambling, to the cash delivery agent, gambling CANDU staff to assist the work of development, and from tap profit.

was identified, the life a proxy gambling sites involved in betting the amount of up to 633 million yuan, and several other defendants by proxy gambling sites involved in betting amount is more than ten million yuan, more than billions of dollars.

the court held that the 17 defendants constituted casino crimes, the basic facts of the prosecutor accused of clear and irrefutable evidence, accused guilty, should be punished for the defendants according to law. Because he was guilty of committing the crime of gambling casino was sentenced to probation, it was decided to suspend the execution of 10 years in prison and fined $5 million 20 thousand. Other defendants were sentenced to 1 years and 1 months to 7 years ranging from $20 thousand to $1 million 50 thousand, ranging from punishment to $6. (reporter Huang Anqi)

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