Master Baidu Tongsu hemophilia for money to sell it for hemophilia

Master Baidu Tongsu hemophilia for money to sell it for hemophilia

March 7, 2017 sdikdwvy 0


technology news January 11th morning news, recently there are users in the know posting said, Baidu will Baidu’s original Post Bar hemophilia Lord, little take it service management — Speech and rights have been banned, and the introduction of the self proclaimed "Shaanxi medical hemophilia Research Institute president Liu Shanxijiao granted" "hemophilia experts" has become the new host.


users post said, "it is a liar, hemophilia experts" had been exposed by the media, it is "money", and try to become hemophilia, the advantage of identity. Baidu official responded to the name of the user responded that: will oversee the legal behavior of hemophilia it.

this morning, claiming to be the original. Second main hemophilia "ant food" in the know almost post complained that she and the big bar "Shandong laobalu" has been banned, now it has become the main hemophilia self proclaimed "Professor" Liu Shanxi Dean of the Shaanxi Medical Research Institute experts "haemophilia hemophilia".


said: "we are in the original main Shandong laobalu lead, has been on advertising and liar zero tolerance, put it into a hemophilia is not a liar to disturb the pure land, thousands of patients and their families into homes, is one of the most famous famous hemophilia knowledge. It was sold to Baidu earn heixinqian. The buyer is not a liar we know. We have all the original bar was deleted seal, has been suppressed liar began to be active, we expose the liar’s post was deleted. Send a picture to see."


"ant food" also said: "if is just an ordinary post we have already given up, but the crooks get a punishment, damage is not only poor patients saving money, is more disabling and fatal, we can’t give up."

according to the "ant food" exposure of the image information, "Professor" Liu Shanxi Dean of the Shaanxi Medical Research Institute of hemophilia in April 2014 had it in the hemophilia report by users, and has been the media reporter revealed — but when they spend money to delete ", now only to find a" potato video "blank link.

said, "the ant food" now has no right in his speech and hemophilia management rights, but can see these days continuously deleted posts, and said "can only see the title but can be found in the basic are liars and related or tell China hemophilia home website."

currently known complaint "Baidu Post Bar hemophilia it posts have been sold, the original bar small bar suddenly were all scored. How to look at the behavior of Baidu, which has gathered 1019 replies, and "ant food" has received the approval of the 9744 approved.

Baidu official and Baidu post bar has not yet responded on the matter to Sina Technology, Sina Technology will hold further attention to the matter. (Li Gen)

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