Taobao push traffic free mode operators and OTT compromise model

Taobao push traffic free mode operators and OTT compromise model

March 7, 2017 lejlgizx 0


today (October 28th) the news that some operators and Alibaba have reached an agreement, China Mobile, Taobao, Chinese Unicom mobile phone users from other Alibaba created by the software flow rates, the Ali pay plan will be officially launched in a few days. It may seem strange, but it will be the norm.

this service requires operators to provide a new traffic billing capabilities: different IP/App generated traffic, differentiated charges. This means that the operation of "intelligent pipeline" in the direction of a step closer. According to an expert close to the operator said that the future may also have the concept of flow package. For example, the electricity supplier in the marketing activities can be given a flow package, the flow package can use any application to access any IP, which is undoubtedly the most simple for users.

WeChat real threat comes: free traffic charges

I had believed that easy letter, and so on to follow the challenge to follow WeChat there is a possibility: the relevant departments require WeChat open messaging interface. That is, and other mobile IM can be exchanged with other messages, and even the number of operators to carry the number portability, which is shared ID. Obviously, this possibility is negligible.

The second possibility is that

free traffic charges". Earlier there was news that the letter may open up the three operators to achieve full free flow, news free. Now it seems from the latecomers become the first, the first launch of the henzhao. This is inevitable, because the cooperation mode is easy to believe the telecommunications monopoly, the three operators are equivalent to the exchange. This is why the rumors in cooperation with ALI operators, but the lack of telecommunications.

can determine is that Ma launched the "fire Antarctic, autumn offensive" camouflage, sea tactics to want to attack WeChat 600 million users, even if there is another great a mantis trying to stop a chariot, the values can not be reversed. Free flow is more powerful. The trend is now more and more users in the mobile communications budget to the flow, which is a large part of the flow of social communication. If the popularity of the 4G, voice, video and other functions in the experience of mature products, such as traffic, the proportion of traffic will be greater. Which IM took the lead in breaking the deadlock, to achieve full free, just as the Internet free services appear, will have a devastating impact. When we joined the network, then firmly also overnight great Shift of the universe.

question is whether the free flow of Ali, including communication, but also how long. Users to WeChat’s 600 million level communication, social traffic charges and 5 million from Taobao, tens of millions of installed capacity of the flow cannot be mention in the same breath based on.

Taobao free flow down can always adhere to. Taobao’s business model is reselling traffic, will flow through the form of advertising is sold to businesses, The more, the better. flow. Ali had uncharacteristically embrace the search engine, put the light on the shopping site who fear, strengthen "

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