Online programming crack piracy 3 80 jailed for money

Online programming crack piracy 3 80 jailed for money

March 7, 2017 ckrekbra 0

Oriental Network July 21st news: the defendant, the 3 after 80, 2 College students. The former elite network, now in court language: "a thought just did not think it would be illegal, criminal crime, now feel regret. Set foot on the community soon, please the court give me a chance to start with a clean slate, I will do a good citizen law-abiding." This is the day before the Xuhui District court tribunal trial of copyright infringement and illegal business case scene.

is proficient in Network Literacy

Wang Zhe and Chen Ying, a 27 year old, a child of the age of 80, is a pair of "after 80" lovers, after graduating from college in the same technology company in the. Full of longing, two people work hard, be familiar with network technology, so won the company leadership appreciation. In April last year, Wang Zhe from a company’s intranet to South Korean Internet gaming publications "shaiya" server program, he suddenly had an idea: as long as solving the game program, then set up private servers on their servers to attract game player to play the game, you can not easily make money? In the interests of the drive, Wang Zhe become more diligent, work a little gap is engrossed in the study of "shaiya" program. 3 months later, Wang Zhe finally got into a "return", he cracked the "shaiya" program, and through the Internet in the foreign leased ten server as "shaiya" PW server. In order to make it more attractive, more deceptive, Wang Zhe also set up a "" and "" website, the official illegal operation "shaiya" pw.

recruitment sales agent


cracked the program began operating from easy money is worse. Then Wang Zhe said to Chen Ying: "all the server setting is completed, need to attract game player, but also in the online sales of Taobao cards, which need your help. Do this very profitable." Chen Ying readily agreed, Taobao began selling online game cards. Because business is booming, Wang Zhe decided in his own registered website forum open recruitment agency, to help sell cards. The 22 year old unemployed youth Yang Jie is a "shaiya" game player, see online there is such a "good thing", immediately expressed their willingness to join. So, Chen Ying is responsible for the "ship", Yang Jie price of $17 for each get into the card, and then sold to each 19 yuan or 20 yuan price. The official website of operation less than two months, sales of more than 10 thousand cards, sales of nearly 300 thousand yuan.

violated the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked

actually, Guangzhou optical communication company is "shaiya" Chinese, the only legitimate network operators. Because some people collect money set up private servers on the Internet, direct economic losses caused by optic communications company of more than 80 yuan. Optical communication company reported to the police. In October last year, when police officers appeared in front of Wang Zhe, who can not think of this kind of thing in their eyes commonplace, even suspected of criminal offenses.

after the trial, the court held that the "shaiya" >

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