Ali Yun OS and its small partners more than and 30 small partners where Fate

Ali Yun OS and its small partners more than and 30 small partners where Fate

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October 21st, after the Meizu Ali strategic conference, Alibaba CTO Wang Jian talked about Yun OS, said: as of October 2014, the use of Yun OS mobile phone brand has more than and 30, end user about 10000000. So the question is, these more than and 30 small partners who have the relationship with the Alibaba in the end how Ali and Meizu cooperation on their impact?.

Yun OS small partners more than 30, more than 40, but there are many large manufacturers

from each of the partners announced the case of Ali, the outside world can only understand about 10. But according to the Ministry of network data, as of October 15th this year, the use of Yun OS mobile phone 42, 76 mobile phone manufacturers. Coupled with just Meizu MX4 and PHILPS I966, it should be 43 small partners, launched the 78 phones. Among them, more than 80% of mobile phone manufacturers in Shenzhen, with an average of each mobile phone sales of about 100000.

why Ali announced only more than and 30? Personal speculation, although some manufacturers through the Ministry of network test, but failed in the process of seeking custom operators in the end mobile phone no sale, has not been calculated in ali. Specific study of several vendors.

1, there are many large manufacturers, the future may have further cooperation

in March this year, cool network 1 using YunOS’s mobile phone Coolpad 8079_T00, this product is not listed, or quietly go channel operators. Cool volume is several times Meizu, ranking TOP5 in the domestic market. Can be judged: this year, YunOS has been looking for cooperation with major manufacturers, does not rule out the possibility of further cooperation with the big manufacturers, such as cool.


, Amagatarai greatest contribution, is the first to give up

said the tribute is not excessive, because the continuous optimization of the application is Amagatarai YunOS, one of the earliest promoters, the majority of the sales contribution.


is the first partner of YunOS, 2011 and 2012 for two consecutive years the introduction of the four products, W700, Amagatarai W800, small wasp and hornet. In May 2012, Ali announced mobile phone sales (mainly before two) exceeded 1 million, August 2012 Amagatarai chairman Rong Xiuli said in an interview, the size of the wasp cumulative sales amounted to 3 million. Comparison of Yun OS terminal users about 10000000 mobile phone sales accounted for 30%-40%, amagatarai.

industry has been Amagatarai Ali shares rumors, the final part. Amagatarai lost, is a great loss for YunOS.

3, Haier and Acer are OHA members, but because of different reasons to stop cooperation


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